One Of The Highs

dance party 1

Things are so crazy right now. There’s stuff going on with my family that I’m not ready to talk about, yet. Challenges. Stress. Sadness. But that’s life, right? There are highs and there are lows, and that’s what makes us humans. Our resilience. Our tenacity. Our ability to deal with pain and still keep living. Sometimes, a lot of times, we don’t just live. We thrive.

One of the toughest times of my life was when my paternal Grandmother passed when I was pregnant with Ayva. She was truly the heart and soul of our family. Really, she was the heart and soul of her entire community. The one thing that really made her extra special was her voice. My grandmom was always singing, and to quote my grandfather, she had a voice, “like an angel”. She loved music, and it made her so happy when my aunt, cousin and I would dance and sing around acting crazy. We’d turn the volume up on her little radio and just go crazy.

Now I do that with Ayva. Cha-cha slide, worship music, Kidz Bop. We never met a Pandora station we didn’t like! Of course, our music of choice these days is Christmas jams, and jam we do. As we dance around until we pass out laughing and exhausted, I always try to remember that this moment is one of the highs, and that this is what thriving feels like.

dance party 3

dance party 2

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5 responses to “One Of The Highs”

  1. Notorious Spinks Avatar

    I love these photos and I bet Ayva is a better dancer than you. LOL!

    1. brandijeter Avatar

      She tries, but I got 30 years of practice on her! haha!

  2. Mandi Avatar

    Jam babies!!! Your grandmother would be proud! I have lots of impromptu song and dance sessions with my girls. Ayva will always cherish those moments like you do the ones you had with your grandmother.

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