One Less Thing for Mama to Do

Find time for yourself, Mama! Learn how in this post sponsored by Clorox® Scentiva.

When I was growing up, it seemed like the women in my family were always in motion. From vacuuming the floors to doing laundry, dusting, or preparing meals, they never stopped moving. As I got older, and especially once I became a mom, I understood why they stayed on their feet. It’s hard work taking care of a family! As soon as I think I’ve got things under control, there’s another area of the house, or another child, or another situation that needs my attention.

I learned a lot from observing the way that all of the women who had a hand in raising me kept house. My stepmother never really sat down for meals, but rather stood at the counter eating in between making sure everyone else’s plates were full. My grandmother had a list of things to do every single day, to keep her house spotless. Once or twice a year, during Mother’s Day and maybe Easter, they’d sit down and let someone else do the work, but it was rare. My mother, grandmothers, and aunts all took great pride in being the woman of the house.



While I have that same sense of pride, I will admit I’m part of the modern mama crew. I want my downtime. I need my me time. Things are different for women now. From working full-time to managing the crazy extracurricular and social schedules of the family, we spend way less time in the house. When I am home, I want to enjoy being in my queendom! I’m not trying to spend hours cleaning and doing chores.

I am always on the lookout for homemaking shortcuts. I’m the queen of the 30 minute (and usually less) meals and speed cleaning.  I don’t do those things because I’m lazy, either. I do them because I would rather spend my time relaxing and enjoying my family. As hard as I work, it’s nice to be able to come home and breathe. And you know what mamas? There’s nothing wrong with that!



The wonderful women who inspired us in our motherhood journeys paved the way for us to do more in less time. They were the ones who figured out what it really took to keep our houses clean and bellies full. Because of them we know what we need to make a house a home.

One Less Thing With Clorox® Scentiva

Clorox® is a brand that has been a staple in my home since I was a child. Clorox® Scentiva products are the same as the ones that I grew up with, but even better because it saves me time. With Clorox® Scentiva products I can clean, disinfect and deodorize all in one step. You know what that means, right? With one less thing to do, I have time to actually enjoy my home. I can read, play games with my family, write in my journal, or just sit and daydream.  The different varieties smell so good, and because it’s Clorox®, I can feel comfortable knowing that I’m getting rid of germs. Modern and old school mamas alike love that!


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60 responses to “One Less Thing for Mama to Do”

  1. Ashley C Avatar
    Ashley C

    I would spend a little extra time working out!

  2. Christina Sparks Avatar
    Christina Sparks

    Be great to save time cleaning my stove.

  3. Margaret Smith Avatar
    Margaret Smith

    I would spend extra time with my kids.

  4. Kristyn M. Avatar
    Kristyn M.

    I would spend more time reading.

  5. Thomas Gibson Avatar
    Thomas Gibson

    I would take a longer walk.

  6. Madonna Avatar

    I would spend some time reading

  7. JoAnna Carpentier Avatar
    JoAnna Carpentier

    I would hit the beach! 🙂

  8. Lisa Bourlier Avatar
    Lisa Bourlier

    Would love a pedicure!

  9. Latanya Avatar

    I would read

  10. susan wiener Avatar
    susan wiener

    I would love to win and I love the Clorox products. thx

  11. Cheryl B Avatar
    Cheryl B

    I could take a walk outside.

  12. Kenya F Avatar
    Kenya F

    Spa day! I can soooo use one. Hopefully I will be able to have one before the summer comes. I would get a massage, body scrub, facial and maybe throw in a mani and pedi. Ahhh, I feel relaxed just thinking about it.

  13. Kristin McCall Avatar
    Kristin McCall

    With the time I could save using Clorox I would go to the movies.

  14. Dana Rodriguez Avatar
    Dana Rodriguez

    Honestly I would just love to have the time to just love to relax and do some reading.

  15. Margaret S Porter Avatar
    Margaret S Porter

    I would get to spend time on my crafts

  16. robyn paris Avatar
    robyn paris

    I would take a bath.

  17. Kayte CookWatts Avatar
    Kayte CookWatts

    Write my novel and read more books.

  18. Charlotte Winters Avatar
    Charlotte Winters

    I would relax with a good book.

  19. Summer D Avatar
    Summer D

    I find gardening very relaxing, so I would use my extra time to enjoy my garden.

  20. Kristi C Avatar
    Kristi C

    I would read a good book with a cup of coffee.

  21. Kimmy Ripley Avatar
    Kimmy Ripley

    I would take out some time to go for a nice long run!

  22. k anne Avatar
    k anne

    I would read or watch a movie.

  23. paige chandler Avatar
    paige chandler

    I would take a stress relief bath,

  24. Jenny Ham Avatar
    Jenny Ham

    Relax and watch tv

  25. ashley horner Avatar
    ashley horner

    I would take the time to just sit down and rest for a moment and maybe read a book

  26. katherine Avatar

    Read a good book

  27. Janet Woodling Avatar
    Janet Woodling

    Read, read and read some more.

  28. Lorena Keech Avatar
    Lorena Keech

    Catch up with my friends.

  29. ShootingStarsMag Avatar

    Thanks for sharing!! I would take more time to read. 🙂


  30. susan smoaks Avatar
    susan smoaks

    my favorite new product is the wipes. i love how convenient they are to use.

    1. susan smoaks Avatar
      susan smoaks

      i would use my spare time to catch up on some reading. i can’t wait to get through some good books.

  31. Liz N Avatar
    Liz N

    I’d catch up on some reading of FUN books!

  32. Samantha Avatar

    I would spend more time with my daughter!

  33. Robin Avatar

    I could spend more time with my son having fun.

  34. Linda G. Avatar
    Linda G.

    I would spend time in my back yard enjoying my flower garden

  35. Lauren Avatar

    I would read a book.

  36. nickie Avatar

    I spend time reading

  37. Stephanie Larison Avatar
    Stephanie Larison

    I would spend my extra time catching up on books I need to read!

  38. Tracy Shafer Avatar
    Tracy Shafer

    I would use the time for my crafting projects.

  39. kathy pease Avatar
    kathy pease

    I would take a long nap

  40. Sarah Hall Avatar
    Sarah Hall

    I would take a nice long walk with the extra time.

  41. Laurie Emerson Avatar
    Laurie Emerson

    I would use the time to read one of the books that have been sitting on my nightstand just begging to be read.

  42. Carolyn Daley Avatar
    Carolyn Daley

    I like to read in my spare time! I love that I can borrow ebooks digitally through my library and overdrive app on the tablet.

  43. Leah Shumack Avatar
    Leah Shumack

    I can spend more time reading!

  44. Penny Snyder Avatar
    Penny Snyder

    I would read a good book!!~

  45. Shakeia Rieux Avatar
    Shakeia Rieux

    I would relax while listening to oldies

  46. Kelly D Avatar
    Kelly D

    I would go on a nature walk.

  47. Jerry Marquardt Avatar
    Jerry Marquardt

    I would spend more me time including but not limited to, going to the beach and swimming.

  48. DeeAnne W Avatar
    DeeAnne W

    I would spend more time entering contests!

  49. Heather Hart Avatar
    Heather Hart

    I love to color already or read more!

  50. Richard Hicks Avatar
    Richard Hicks

    I would catch up on my fav bookd

  51. Tracie Cooper Avatar
    Tracie Cooper

    I would love to have a spa day with my mom!

  52. Rajee Pandi Avatar
    Rajee Pandi

    watching tv with kids

  53. Michelle D Garrett Avatar

    I would spend more time catching up on those just-for-fun books on my Kindle list 🙂

  54. Vaneese Avatar

    OMG, I would read. My TBR list is monstrous between the new releases and just stuff I never got around to reading. If Clorox Scentiva could help me out with that, that’d be awesome! Lol

  55. Janeane M. Davis Avatar

    My husband recently remarked that he never sees my hands sit still. According to him I am cleaning, typing writing, knitting or turning the pages of a book. I have so many things to do, I like products like this one that do double duty. Like you I need me time, time to relax and simply breathe.

  56. Michele Brosius Avatar

    One less thing to do! That would be a great. I’d use the time to volunteer at my local food pantry. I’d love to give more of my time!

  57. Maria Olsen Avatar

    I would read more books and take more walks! Thanks!

  58. Nicole McLean Avatar

    I love this!! Yes. Not working yourself to death in the home is a critical first step to enjoying life. Unless house chores bring you unspeakable joy, you can really do other things with your time. I firmly believe in outsourcing what you can and finding speedy ways to do the rest… so using Clorox wipes is part of my regular regimen to keep my space clean and sanitary.
    Massages are gifts from fingertips. Your body needs that assistance with knots and tight muscles and coloring is so peaceful. The time you don’t spend cleaning all night, you can spend unwinding with your family and giving your mind and body a chance to slow down and rest.

  59. Bernetta Avatar

    Hmmm… I would probably be on the computer! LOL!!! I guess its the blogger in me!

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