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Why Married Folks Need to Netflix and Chill


Lately it seems that Terrence and I are always on the go. He works late in the summer, and by the time he gets home, I’m usually dog tired from working and running Ayva around all day. The weekends are family time, and thanks to our social 7-year-old, our calendar is usually filled with parties and other things like that. Terrence and I have very little opportunity to just chill and have date nights.

I don’t mind that much. I mean, hanging out with him and Ayva together bring me a lot of joy. I know, however, that it’s important for both of us to not just be parents. We have to remember that we’re married, too. That means we need time together, just the two of us, where we can be grown and do grown up thangs.

Thank goodness for Netflix and Chill.

Yes, I know the young folks have staked their claim on the term, but married folks have been Neflix and chillin’ since the beginning of time. What do you think your parents were doing at night after you went to bed?

Yeah. I’m going to let that sit for a minute.


I’m grown now, with my own husband, and we just don’t have the time to go out for drinks or to a concert as often as we’d like. That’s where Netflix and chill comes in.

“Babe. You want to watch a movie tonight?”

“Babe. We gonna finish watching Orange is the New Black?”

“Babe. Pick something on Netflix. I’ll watch whatever.”

Time to relax together and snuggle up with my boo is all I need to make my night special. He knows it’s going to be special when I turn off the light while we’re streaming our movie or show. I know it’s going to be extra special when he lights a candle.

And we close the door.

Uh hum.



Yup. Married folks need to Netflix and chill just like the single ones. In fact, we probably need it more. It’s easy to get so busy with the day-to-day business part of a marriage like paying bills and taking care of kids, that we forget what it was like back when it was just us, just chilling, and enjoying each other’s company.

Speaking of Netflix and chill…we’ve got a couple of shows to stream right now. 🙂

netflix logo

Need a few ideas for shows to stream with your boo? Check out the new seasons of Orange is the New Black (Season 4), Bloodline (Season 2), or Grace and Frankie (Season 2) this month on Netflix. You might also love The Chef’s Table for a more cerebral chill experience!

I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and receive promotional items for my participation!

Janeane Davis

Thursday 30th of June 2016

Netflix and Chill is a way for young married folks to turn into happy, old married folks. It is great to have something like this so that you can set whatever type of mood you like. As married folks, you know that sometimes you want a soft, sweet romance. At other times you want faced paced excitement. This applies to your Netflix selection and what happens when you close the door . . .


Thursday 30th of June 2016

Apparently we need to renew our Netflix subscription quick fast and in a hurry :)


Thursday 30th of June 2016

Listen better do it! LOL!