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My Organic Hair Care Experience

Do you all remember when I said that I was going to start eating local? Okay, that’s not as easy as one would think. I’m still committed to buying foods that are from our area, but it’s definitely a challenge. I need a little “Mom is Doing the Right Thing to Keep Her Family Healthy” esteem boost, so I’m working on something easier for a bit. I’m changing our lotions, hair and beauty products to natural or organic. There are so many weird chemicals in some of the products that we put on our body, so this was totally a no brainer.

Ayva and I went to Walgreens today with the thought of trying something different. I didn’t want to go to a specialty store, because being organic and natural shouldn’t be difficult, right? I don’t want to have to travel 30 miles for my special hair potion. I know that Walgreens has a good selection of products, and it’s right down the street from my house, so we went there. So anyway, I wanted to try something different, but, as usual, I was drawn to Shea Moisture products. Let me tell you something about Shea Moisture. Those products are able to tame this (the hair, not the toddler!)

Ayva is only 2, but her hair is thick and gorgeous already. I can’t fool around with shampoo or conditioner that isn’t made with rich, moisturizing ingredients or it will get tangled, and there is nothing fun about combing this child’s hair out when it’s tangled! Talk about tenderheaded!! Anyway, I learned about the products from my friend, CaShawn. She is all about healthy, natural hair, so when she suggested it last year (and let me know that it was on sale at Walgreens for buy one, get one 50% off), I gave it a try. I loved they were certified organic, which was key for me since I was going to be putting them in my toddler’s hair. I was so happy that they made both of our hair look (and smell) good.

A lot of hair care products are just a bunch of crazy ingredients, petroleum, paraben and sulfate, which actually does the opposite to our hair than what they promise to do. Even when I was walking down the aisle in Walgreens today, I was able to recognize how different brands would try to trick us into thinking they are natural, when they really aren’t. I’ve learned that natural is kind of up for interpretation, certified organic holds much more weight.

I believe that this product is good for my hair.

This product, I’m not so sure.

As much as I tried, I didn’t end up trying a different brand, but I did try a different product. I purchased the Shea Moisture Baby Head to Toe Hair and Body Wash. I’ve been looking for a natural soap for us, and this might actually work as a shampoo, too! It has Frankincense and Myrrh in it, and it smells light and heavenly. I bathed Ayva in in, and used it in my shower, and I am sitting here smelling myself right now! Ha! I can’t wait to try it and see if it actually works as a shampoo. Ayva and my hair might be too thick, but we’ll see.


I feel good about this purchase. It’s another step in a healthy direction. From organic dairy to local foods to natural beauty products, all of these changes are working together to make our lives better and happier. The fact that we have good hair while living it? That’s just a bonus!