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My Family Failed At Pictures Last Year


Remember how it used to be back in the day when we would take pictures? Our cameras were so flimsy back then, and the whole ordeal of actually being able to see our pictures was ridiculous. We had to take the film out, go somewhere to drop it off to get processed, and come back days later to pick up our photos. Sometimes they were worth the wait. Other times they looked a hot mess, all dark, out of focus, or of some random thing or person that years later you won’t remember why you took a picture of it / them in the first place.

I’m so glad those days are over! Now we have our fancy cameras and our fancy phones (with their fancy cameras) and get to have instant access to our masterpieces. It’s such a huge blessing, right? After tonight, I’m thinking it might be 50/50 blessing/curse. Having a digital camera with virtually unlimited storage, we tend to take dozens of pictures until we get the exact right look that we’re aiming for. That means, as I’m going through pictures tonight to find 101 to print while Shutterfly is having a special (affiliate link: Shutterfly Use the code NEWYEAR101 Just pay shipping.), I’m looking at literally 15 pictures of the same flower. And the same palm tree. And the same plate of pancakes we had on vacation. I’m looking at all of these pictures, y’all, and I’m asking myself, “Why?”

Why did we feel the need to get the exact perfect shot of a piece of bacon? They have bacon in California! We didn’t have to go all the way to a tropical island to take pictures of a piece of breakfast meat!  Meanwhile, here’s the best shot of me at Waimea Canyon in Hawaii…unbuttoned shirt, bra straps, and all. Smh. Why? WHY???

Oh, and we have two pictures of Terrence, Ayva and me together on the trip and none with my in-laws.

Rocking the picture taking, we are not.

waimea canyon hawaii

As I kept browsing our annual digital archive, I found myself trying to remember the reasoning behind getting a nice clear shot of the wine flight at the restaurant Terrence and I went to for our anniversary, but none of the two of us together? In fact, there were actually none of me at all that day. We do, however, have FIVE pictures of branches on a table.

wine flight

I’m setting a goal for 2016. The Riley family has to take better pictures. We gotta remember to find the light, focus on the people, and put a limit on the number of pictures we take of inanimate objects. Oh, and button our shirts. Gotta remember to button our shirts.

What’s your family’s picture taking ritual? Do you carry a DSLR on trips or just bring your phone? Do you take dozens of shot to get the right one, or do you take a couple and make it work from there? I want to know how you do photos!

Shutterfly Baby Pictures 728x90


Friday 8th of January 2016

Oh reading your post took me back down memory lane, the days of dropping the camera off at the local store and never knowing exactly what the pictures would like..times have changed and yes I would agree for sure a blessing and curse. Sometime I take 20 pictures just to get to one that I like or even delete them all and take another-I'm trying to do better and just take the picture once or twice and be done. I now just take my phone when we go on trips or outings, my digital camera hasn't been used in almost a year-the phone is quicker and I always have it with me and besides the digital camera is just one more thing I would have to keep up with.