The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for 2022

Mother's Day gift

Mother's Day gift

Mother’s Day is coming, Mamas!

Our time to shine!

I love all of the attention except for the fact that I never know how to respond when my family asks what kind of mother’s day gift I’d like. 

I know it sounds cliché, but I really do have everything I could want in life. 

My family makes me so happy and I feel so content sitting in my sweet little house, hanging out with them, that it’s difficult to think of a gift that could compare. 

I mean, my very first Mother’s Day as a mom, I was still in the hospital, having just given birth to my daughter a couple of days earlier. 

What Mother’s Day gift could top my first born child???

Mother’s Day Gifts You’ll Love To Receive

Family asking you what you want for Mother's Day and you have no idea what to tell them? Share my list!

Other Good Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If none of those ideas suit your fancy, here are a few other things that you might like:

  • A new pair of running shoes
  • Concert or theater tickets
  • Membership to a local museum
  • A night away at a local hotel or resort
  • Gift card to a store that only sells things you like (so you aren’t tempted to spend it on your kids)
  • Massage and facial appointment 
  • Personalized jewelry

Let yourself be celebrated

You know, I used to feel a little overwhelmed trying to think about Mother’s day gifts when I was asked.

I’d even feel a little resentful. Like, this is stressful! Leave me out of it!

But now I recognize how much of a blessing it is to have family that cares about me and wants to celebrate me. 

mother's day gifts

I realized that my stress and resentment actually came from being uncomfortable with being celebrated.

My family loves me and they want to show me. Why would I ever be mad about that?

Let your kids love you. Let your partner support you.

You deserve to be celebrated, Mama.

Those Mother’s Day gifts are just a token of how much your family loves you.

Soak it in!