Mommy’s First Birthday

As I sit here typing my first entry on “Mama Knows It All”, I can’t help but think about how appropriate it is that I am creating this blog on the eve of my daughter’s first birthday, hence, my one year anniversary of being a Mommy.

I can’t even lie, ya’ll…I am super excited!

Before I had her, I promised myself that I would never be one of those parents who would go overboard on a birthday that a child wouldn’t remember anyway.

I had conversations with people about how crazy people were to spend so much money on a 1st birthday party, and quoted articles and books that said to keep the baby’s party small and simple so as not to overwhelm the child.

My child is going to be overwhelmed. Heck, I’m overwhelmed and I’m the mama!! I didn’t mean to do it!

It was going to be a simple garden party. Cake, ice cream and sundresses for a little over an hour. Minimal decorations…maybe a few balloons, maybe not. You know, no big deal.

But it started with the purses. My sister called me from Target and said that they had flower purses from Easter on clearance, would I like her to pick up a few for favors at the party. I told her to get six.

That would have been okay…but I just HAD to go to Target myself.

If I would have just stayed my butt AWAY from Target…anyway, I couldn’t be satisfied with the six purses. I had to get 6 more. And Spider-Man cups for the boys. And tiny board books. And stickers. And bubbles. And maracas. And party hats, raffle prizes for the adults, noise makers, little bouncy balls, and rings.

Then I went to Wal-Mart, and Five Below, and Party City, and the other Target, and the party store on the corner in my neighborhood.

Oh, and did I mention the two parties? Yeah, there’s going to be one at her daycare tomorrow, her actual birthday, and one on Saturday for the family. Right.

And two cakes. For a Mama That Knows It All, I sure wish I knew how to keep it simple!

I’ll tell you this, though. It’s all worth it.

I hate to be cliched, but it is so true that my daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is so adorable, funny, and I’m motivated to do amazing things because I want her to be inspired to do amazing things!

So, if I spend a little more than I planned, or get a little over-excited, it’s all good, because my baby, and being a Mommy is ALL GREAT!