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Ayva Dance Show

Last week was crazy. I spent most of my days with a knot in my stomach and my head throbbing with pain because of the stress of feeling like I needed to be two places at once. A huge conference for work that I was presenting at for the first time was happening 45 minutes away from my home, but Ayva was also in summer camp. Things at work were incredibly busy, and Terrence’s work is not flexible at during the summer. I was on the hook for trying to figure everything out, and I totally felt it. Although I really only needed a plan for Thursday and Friday, it wasn’t until Friday night at 9 PM that I finally felt like I could breath again. Looking back, I’d totally do it again.

Speaking at the conference was a big deal for me. I wanted to take the time beforehand to relax and relish in the opportunity, but with Ayva’s summer camp performance on the evening of my day to speak, I spent the hours before racing around trying to just get there. After my workshop, I raced out to get back to the performance. I never even had time to decompress. The entire time I was wondering if I should have just missed the show (as some folks suggested), or have Ayva miss it because it wasn’t a big deal (as other folks suggested).

But then this happened:

Ayva Dance Show

And I realized, once again, that even though Ayva probably doesn’t realize the sacrifices and stress that made up all of last week, she doesn’t need to. All I want her to do is remember that her childhood was awesome,  and that summer camp performance or Broadway show, her Mommy was there.


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  1. Laila Avatar

    I was hosting a conference about 3 hours away from home and as I was giving the opening remarks I let the attendees know that I was leaving early because BB was performing in his first school play. It’s so important to me that the folks I work with know my priorities, but also that my son knows that I will do what I can to be there for him. It’s not always perfect, but I try.

    1. BrandiJeter Avatar

      And he will appreciate that, @disqus_maMio09mJA:disqus!! I have found that I’ve gotten more opportunities since I made sure everyone knows that my family is my priority!

  2. Amiyrah Avatar

    This is such a wonderful lesson. We as parents sometimes forget how important it is to just be present, and that us being in those seats during plays, recitals and graduations are so essential to our kids’ well-being. Ayva looked like a star up there,and you were a star too…because you made it there.

    1. BrandiJeter Avatar

      Thanks, @Amiyrah:disqus! That’s right. We just need to get our butts in the seats!

  3. Val B Avatar
    Val B

    Absolutely. The joy on her face knowing Mama was there is well worth it. Good job.

    1. BrandiJeter Avatar

      Thank you, @kaicongroup:disqus! And I’ll totally do it again!

  4. Kelly Avatar

    I love this! Just being present and available is what you’ll both remember about this recital. It looks like you have a natural performer on your hands!

    1. BrandiJeter Avatar

      Thanks, Kelly! That’s right, this is all that she’ll remember!

  5. Summer Len Davis Avatar
    Summer Len Davis

    Awww! That melts my heart. You are a phenomenal mom.

    1. BrandiJeter Avatar

      Takes one to know one, @summerlendavis:disqus!

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