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Modnique and My Awesome New Boots

modnique Modnique

I love shopping during the holiday season, but I have to admit, I can’t stand the crowds. I will get up at the crack of dawn, or go out in the dead of night to avoid them. Of course, I avoid the mob completely when I just shop online. Word must have gotten out about my payday, or my emotional time of the month, because it seems like the online companies always send the best deals email right when I’m in the mood for a little retail therapy! One of my favorite new online therapists retailers is Modnique.

Modnique is a deal site with everything from clothes to shoes to electronic items, and there’s something for every price range. I’m always shopping for Ayva, so I decided to order a little something for myself from Modnique last week. This site is different than a lot of deal sites, because it’s really clean and able to maneuver. There are a lot of products to select from, for sure, but the entire site is well organized and easy to navigate. After a quick look through the shoes, it became clear to me that I would not be logging off until I had selected a pair of boots. There was a pair of suede fringed cowboy boots from Diba that spoke to me, y’all, and I had to have them!


Okay, so here’s how it works. The boots were $45. Not a bad price for a cute pair of boots, right? Well, just before I put them in my cart, I realized that there was a Make An Offer button. I could pick a price for the boots, and see if Modnique would accept it. Hey, hey, hey! That kind of gamble is right up my alley, so I clicked it and offered $37. I knew I was pushing it, and the offer was declined. Then I did $40, five dollars less than the price. The price wasn’t accepted, but Modnique countered back with $42. Sold! I loved checking out knowing that I had received the best price possible for my purchase!

There’s just a few more things that I need you know about Modnique before I send you off to shop your little heart out:

  • If you spend $99 or more, you get free shipping.
  • Many of the items that you can purchase on Modnique ship in 24 hours.
  • Modnique doesn’t just sell products for women. You can shop for your man, your child, anyone you want at Modnique!
  • There are tons of national and international brands (Beats by Dre, Marc Jacobs, and Apple to name a few) to choose from.


If you’re a professional shopper like me, always on the lookout for a way to expand your wardrobe without breaking the bank, you live for daily deals. Modnique is helping folks like us (you know…super smart shopper types!) flex our shopping muscles by featuring great gifts at outrageously low prices every day from now until November 26th. The 20 Days of Holiday Deals promotion is offering fab brands like Michael Kors, Ray-Ban and Valentino at deep (really deep) discounts. The items go pretty quickly, so you can log on to Modnique starting at 6 AM PST to check out what’s being featured for the day. You can keep track of the deals by following Modnique’s blog:, or their Facebook page:

I’ll be sure to share a pic of my hot new boots when they arrive! Until then, what do you think you’d buy from Modnique? 


Monday 25th of November 2013

What a cool concept! I'm gonna check out Modnique. I am so behind.

Arelis Cintron

Monday 25th of November 2013

What?! I can try and name my price for an item? I do that now at T. J. Maxx ... at least on shoes. I need to find a Christmas gift for my future husband, maybe I'll find the perfect gift!


Sunday 24th of November 2013

There are lots of people that I'm going to tell about Modnique! I'd never heard of them before and I like how you can negotiate the pricing like that! I know some folks that are 'hard core' online shoppers and would totally love this! Can't wait to see the boot on you!


Sunday 24th of November 2013

Those boots are HOT! I need to check this out. I need boots so badly but my wallet won't comply. This may solve that problem.

Michelle D. Johnson Garrett

Sunday 24th of November 2013

Now those boots are divalicous! I love the make an offer option! What have you introduced me to?!? There are tons of awesome stuff on this site. How have I been sleeping on this?