The Minimalist Guide to Creating a Baby Registry

Learn how to create a minimalist baby registry in this post sponsored by my partner, buybuy BABY.
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For babies to be so little, they sure do need a lot of stuff! Gone are the days when all they needed was a piece of cloth for a diaper and mama’s milk. Now we need to be fully stocked up with wipe warmers, special trash cans for diapers, and white noise machines. These modern babies are a needy lot, aren’t they? I kid, I kid!

It’s actually been pretty fun preparing for our new family member who will be arriving in just a few weeks. Terrence, Ayva, and I have a good time planning things out, moving furniture around, and getting rid of things to make room for this tiny little boy and all of the baby accessories that he’ll need. Because our space is pretty cozy, we’ve been working for months to adapt a more minimalist lifestyle. We try not to bring things in our home that aren’t functional, practical, or beautiful. We’re quick to throw things away that don’t serve a purpose, and we’re committed to doing even more of that before and after the baby gets here.

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In March, my family is throwing me a baby shower, and that’s where I think we’ll face our biggest challenge, yet. How do I create a registry that reflects our minimalist-ish lifestyle, helps us to get the things we need for baby boy, and is still reasonable for our friends and family who are graciously supporting us? Well, it starts with the baby registry. Now, of course everyone is not going to stick to the registry, but we can still guide their choices by being smart about what we add to it.

Last weekend we made an appointment and went to buybuy BABY to start our registry. Here’s how we created a registry that is perfect for minimalists.

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How to Create a Minimalist Baby Registry

Get advice before you start.

Before we started, we got advice from friends who have had babies recently. Yes, we’re parents, but it’s been awhile since we needed to purchase baby stuff. Finding out that baby wipes warmer are still not a necessity helped save us from putting it on the registry.

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Stick to the basics.

When we were walking around buybuy BABY, it was tempting to scan everything adorable we saw and add it to our registry. Instead, we checked ourselves, reminding each other that we don’t need a pack of 100 onesies, but a box of a hundred diapers would be a smart choice. We’re bound to get thoughtful gifts like baby clothes anyway, so there’s no point in adding it to the registry and having more than he could ever wear.

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Add things that can do double-duty.

When we were looking at carseats, we specifically added one that could grow with our son. The changing table we put on the registry also has lots of storage. Items that can do double duty will help you cut down on the things you put on your registry, and ultimately the things you bring into your home.

Let people know that you’re keeping things simple.

After you make your registry, whether you’re sending the link to loved ones who are attending your baby shower, or your co-workers, it’s okay to let them know why your registry seems so specific. Be honest about the fact that you are keeping things simple, and you appreciate them sticking to the list whenever possible. Folks want to give you want you want, but they can’t if you don’t let them know!

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Create a Baby Registry at buybuy BABY

Creating a baby registry at buybuy BABY is super easy! You can make one online, but it’s way more fun to go into the store! Don’t worry about waiting, you can make an appointment ahead of time and there will be an associate waiting to walk you through the registry process, and even help you navigate the store if you need it. Don’t forget to pick up your gift bag when you’re done!


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