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Milk Is Fuel: How To Get Your Little Athlete To Drink It!

This post was sponsored by ‘Got Milk?’ through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about ‘Got Milk?’, all opinions are my own.

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My 5-year-old is always on the move. From intentional activities like soccer and ballet, to the unintentional somersaults and cartwheels down the hallway, she is never ever still. While there are some times that I cringe as I watch her learn to control her body and master her large motor skills, I mostly just stand back and watch. I know that sometimes there will be bumps and bruises, but it’s all part of growing up. The one thing I can do, is make sure I’m giving her a good foundation by providing fuel for a brighter, healthier future. Our  main source of fuel? Simple. It’s milk. Strong bones, healthy muscles, and a link to improved quality of sleep? Milk can do all of that, so I really hope you #GotMilk!

Since milk is such an important piece of a child’s overall health, it can be a huge challenge to be the parent of a child who refuses to drink it. Well, I have a few tips that can help you help your little one get the fuel they need to get through their running, jumping, twirling, dancing filled days!

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1. Add milk to meals.

You don’t have to give your child a glass of milk in order for them to reap the benefits. Instead of adding water to instant oatmeal or hot cocoa, use milk. Make sure you’re adding recipes that feature milk like homemade macaroni & cheese to your cooking repertoire, and your kiddos will get the rich calcium they need without any fussing or complaining!

2. Let your child choose how they want to get their milk.

Not drinking milk just isn’t an option. Kids need milk for strong, healthy bones. Let your little one know that, and then give them the option of choosing how they want to get their milk. Maybe they’ll want to add it to a recipe, or perhaps they’ll choose to create a milkshake. Either way, giving your child a choice might just be the thing to help them to get over their milk hurdle!

3. Make drinking milk fun.

I happen to think that milk mustaches are a clever ploy to get children to drink more milk. It certainly worked for me when I was little! If your little one doesn’t like to drink milk, find ways to make it less about the milk, and more about the fun. Milk mustaches are a great start. Show them how to dunk cookies in milk, or blow bubbles in their milk. Let them know that they can only participate in the fun if they drink the glass of milk afterwards.

4. Add some flavor to your  milk.

Chocolate milk was totally my favorite when I was a kid, with strawberry milk coming in at a close second. Consider adding a little bit of flavor to your child’s milk to help them to enjoy the taste more. It doesn’t have to be the normal chocolate or strawberry, though. Experiment with flavors like cinnamon or banana (blended like a smoothie), and let your little one help you come up with different recipes!

How To Get Your Child To Drink Milk

Just like little kids are made to move, parents are made to strategize over things like getting their children to drink more milk. Our job is to ensure that our kids are ready to take on whatever adventure life takes them on, and get them fueled up for their bright future. Even if it means we have to add a bit of chocolate to their glass of milk to make it happen!