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Michelle Obama is Not Angry.

Michelle Obama and I have a lot in common. Okay, so she’s married to the leader of the Western world and I’m not, but other than that, we totally are alike. Every since America first became introduced to Michelle, she has shown that she didn’t take any mess. Shoot, even Barack knows better than to play with Michelle.

She is no joke.

Her family, her values…she is very transparent about what she believes, and she stands, completely committed, to those things. If that makes her angry, then I guess I’m angry, too. You know, it’s easy to forget that people in the public eye are actually human, and it’s even more challenging when they’re in a position like the President and the First Lady. Even little old me, in the role that I play in the organization that I work for, have been called “blunt” and “aggressive” because I speak firmly and matter of factly about things that I know to be true. I’m working towards an important mission, serving poor children, so often, there is no time for niceties. Basically, we just need to cut the b.s. and get it done.

It’s unfortunate that women can’t be allowed to conduct business in a straightforward way without being labeled a bitch or “angry”. We shouldn’t have to keep bowls of candy on our desk at work and speak in soft tones so folks don’t get offended by us. Seriously, the men don’t do it.

So, Michelle, if you’re reading this (which you’re not), just know that I have your back. I don’t think you have to bake cookies and knit sweaters for your staff. As long as you are treating them with respect, I don’t think y’all have to be friends. Shoot, if I ever come work for you, we don’t have to be friends.

But I’m sure we would be.