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Mango and Lime Caipirosca

See how the islands inspired this yummy cocktail in this story sponsored by Sweet’N Low® and Socialstars. #donthesitaste
hawaiian drink 1

I am convinced that there is nothing more inspiring than sitting outside on a Hawaiian island listening to waves crashing the shore, or palm trees blowing in the wind. There’s nothing more relaxing, either. Last week I had the chance to vacation in Kauai with my family, and we were just as content to sit around breathing in the delicious island air as we were to check out the beach and canyons. All we needed were a few cocktails and some snacks, and we were good to go!

Terrence offered to make me a cocktail and I told him that I wanted something tropical since we were in Hawaii. The problem with tropical drinks sometimes is that they’re too sweet. After eating tons of macaroons and fresh pineapple, I was craving something a little less fruity. I had also been indulging quite a bit on Mai Tais (they even gave them to us on the plane before we landed!) so even though rum would seem like the alcohol of choice, I decided to follow Terrence’s lead and go with the vodka for one of nightcaps.

Before I share the recipe, I have to let you know that this drink takes time. You need to let it sit and settle for about 1/2 hour in order to let the Sweet’N Low dusted lime and mango flavors really infuse the vodka. It’s cool, though, because everything is nice and chill when you’re hanging on an island! We tried to shorten the time because we’re terribly impatient, but it was too strong. Half an hour rest time and a few ice cubes and the drink was perfect.

This cocktail is inspired by a traditional Brazilian lime cocktail. Instead of sugar, though, we used Sweet’N Low because it’s a zero calorie sweetener. I gotta say, we were happy to be able to save our calories for the decadent traditional island cuisine instead of wasting it on a cocktail! Here’s our Mango and Lime Caipirosca recipe:

(per cocktail)

1 packet of Sweet’N Low

4 slices of fresh mango

1 lime

1 fluid oz. vodka

ice cubes

What To Do:

  • Cut the lime in quarters and sprinkle Sweet’N Low on the lime. Let the lime sit for a few minutes.
  • Add 2 of the lime quarters into the glass and muddle to combine the Sweet’N Low.
  • Pour the vodka and add mango slices.
  • Let the cocktails rest for 1/2 hour.
  • Add ice and enjoy!

hawaiian drink 2

hawaiian drink 3

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