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Mama Has a New Set of Goals

I’ve teamed up with State Farm® and the Color Full Lives podcast to remind you mamas not to let up on your goals!

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A lot has changed in my life over the past few years. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was a single young woman in my twenties, creating a life for myself in Philadelphia. I had big dreams, huge goals, and not even a lack of funds could stop me. It was during those times that I wrote and produced plays, created and facilitated programs for thousands of youth across the city, and started my journey as a career freelancer. There were certainly lean times, but since it was just me, I could choose to survive on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a week in order to put a deposit on a venue for an event. I was always on the go, scheduling events back to back, and rarely turning down an invite. I was doin’ the thing!

Although I’m in a totally different place now—mom of one with another on the way and a wife–my goals are no less lofty than they were back in the day. The way I go about achieving them might look different, but I’m just as committed to succeeding as I was back when I was only responsible for myself. See, that’s the thing about life transitions. Things change, and you can either waste time wishing things were the way they used to be, or you adjust.

Now that I’m a mom, the reason that I’m so motivated and determined to make my mark has even more weight than when I was doing everything for myself. Knowing that my daughter is watching me and being shaped by the way I model hard work as I build my business gives me the fuel that I need to keep going. Things like being able to contribute to my household, pay for tuition, save for a house, and go on vacations bring me joy, and keep me pumped when I feel like slacking on my goals.

I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy, though. There are times when I’m right at the brink of a breakthrough and my daughter interrupts my train of thought to tell me something really, really important. Other times my family commitments take up so much time that I don’t get a chance to work on my business until everyone else in the house is fast asleep. You know what, though? It’s worth it, and I can’t help but feel thankful that I get the chance to experience the best of both worlds. I’m an entrepreneur and a mama. I have a family and a business. Hey, late nights and all, I can’t complain.

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If you’re a mom and you’re feeling discouraged, just know that you can have it all. You might not be able to have it all at the same time, but it can be done. Adjust. Revise. Do whatever you have to do, but don’t give up. Remember that you’re not just doing it for yourself anymore. You have little people looking up to you, rooting for you, and ready to follow in your footsteps. Don’t let them, or yourself, down.

Color Full Lives Podcast

Color Full Lives

Color Full Lives is the informative and entertaining podcast sponsored by State Farm that promotes positivity, empowerment, and celebrates all women in the African American community through digital and in-person engagement. It’s back this month with a “special edition” 3-episode series!

In the first “special edition” episode, hosts Angela Yee (The Breakfast Club, Lip Service), Fran (HeyFranHey, The Friend Zone) and Tatiana King-Jones (Fan Bros) shared their insights into business and goal setting. You won’t want to miss the next episodes, either! The ladies will be chatting about financial empowerment, profiling celebrities who use their influence for good, and answering questions from listeners.

Check out Color Full Lives on iTunes and SoundCloud and be sure to follow the #LiveColorFull hashtag on social media.

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