Make An Easy (And Cheap!) Jewelry Holder For Your Little Girl

Easy Jewelry Holder For A Little Girl

Ayva loves necklaces. And bracelets. And rings. And headbands. And anything else that sparkles, glitters, or looks fancy. What can I say? She’s a girly girl, and I love it! As she gets older, her jewelry multiplies, and I needed to find a way to organize them so that they don’t get broken, and we don’t forget that she has them. I was inspired by Pinterest (of course), and specifically this post by The Frugal Homemaker, to create a display for Ayva that’s as special as each one of her baubles.

Here’s the thing that you all will NOT believe. This jewelry holder cost me about $7 to make. I found the cork board at Michael’s on clearance for $3.99. The push pins were on sale for $1, and I had coupons for the duct tape and paper. Really, the cost is less than that because I have nearly an entire roll of both the tape and the wrapping paper left for other projects.

Making the jewelry holder is so easy. You will not find a more simple project than this! Instead of paint, I used duct tape to add color to the frame, and hot glue to tape the paper to the cork board. I didn’t even use scissors for the paper. Instead, I folded it and ripped it at the seam. In total, it took me about 30 minutes to create this super cute jewelry organizer.


Gather your supplies. You’ll need a cork board, duct tape, push pins, fancy wrapping paper, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

jewelry holder step 1


Wrap the duct tape around the frame. Make sure you go slow and smooth as you go along.

jewelry holder step 2

jewelry holder step 4


Fit the paper to the inside of the cork board and trim to size. Use hot glue to secure the paper to the board.

jewelry holder step 5

jewelry holder step 7


Stick the pushpins into the board.

jewelry holder step 8


Hang your jewelry on your awesome new jewelry holder.

jewelry holder finished