The more kids I have, the smarter I get

Find out why Luvs are my diapers of choices as a seasoned mom in this sponsored post.

Before I had kids, I was super laid back. I never got really anxious about things, and was pretty much down for whatever. Friends want to go out to eat? I can eat anywhere. Want to go on a road trip? I’m flexible. I was the most go with the flow person in my crew, so obviously that trait over when I became a mom.


I was so wrong, y’all.

Once my daughter was born, I turned into a different person. I started to second guess myself and everything I read or heard.

Making decisions were tough because NOTHING WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR MY BABY GIRL, NOTHING!!!

I researched everything from best bottles to diapers and bibs.

Bibs. I mean, does it really matter what kind of bib a baby wears? Don’t they all serve the same purpose? Don’t they all cover the baby’s clothes and keep them protected from stains? Pick a bib already and keep it moving, am I right?

I remember going to 4 different stores one day on a search for bibs. Crazy!

But, you know, I didn’t know. I was a new mom and I wanted the best for my baby.

Now that I have my son, I don’t stress nearly as much as I used to.

It’s not that I care less, I just know better now.

I learned with my first baby that there were so many things I stressed about that ended up being not even that important in the long run.

Is the baby happy, fed, and dry? Well done, Mama! Good job!

Thankfully, things have changed. A lot.

Luvs Diapers

My daughter could only eat if she was in her high chair and everything was in a special plate with individual slots. My son? I literally just watched him eat an entire serving of cereal off of the floor.

I wouldn’t take my little girl out without a diaper bag filled with everything she could potentially need in case of an apocalypse during library storytime. If I remember my son’s diaper bag, I’m pretty sure there’s no wipes in there.

That fancy changing table that turned every diaper change into an event with my baby girl? I change my son where we are right on the floor on a changing pad. Easy. Peasy. Done.

Things got a lot easier for me with my second kid. At this point, I’m an expert.  Everything is different when you start to trust your parenting instincts!

Trust your parenting instincts

luvs diapers

The decision I probably stressed out about the most as a new mom was which diaper brand to choose. I naively thought that the brand that was spending the most on advertising and cost the most in the store was the best for my little one.

They really got me!

I remember searching for coupons, asking folks to send me discount codes, and stalking sales papers to be able to afford the big box of diapers.

Trying to save money on diapers was basically my second job.

They didn’t get me this go around, though.

We Tried Luvs because I’m Not going broke buying diapers

I don’t love my son any less than I love my daughter, but this mama was not going to go broke on diapers with this baby!

I finally took the advice of wiser friends and gave Luvs a try. They’re always affordable, they keep my baby dry through the night, and they don’t irritate my kids’ butt.

I couldn’t ask for anything else in a diaper. And you don’t have to find coupons to be able to afford Luvs. 

I’m not alone. By the second child, parents are more likely to choose Luvs than first time parents.

After our first baby, when we see that we’ve kept them alive and they’re actually thriving, we start to breathe a little and sink into our roles.


Like, seriously, y’all—we’ve got this.

Luvs diapers

11 responses to “The more kids I have, the smarter I get”

  1. Margaret Smith Avatar
    Margaret Smith

    When I first became a new Mom, I didn’t know that for many baby items, they usually have coupons available, both online and in the papers. I learned to check for coupons and I feel that save us lots.

  2. Lori Walker Avatar
    Lori Walker

    Nap time is time for work, not a nap yourself.

  3. Susan Smith Avatar
    Susan Smith

    When I had my son I started buying new clothes for him but discovered a second hand store when I had my daughter I was able to buy clothes for her there at a great discount and the clothes looked brand new. When they grew out of those clothes I would bring them in and get credit for more clothes for them.

  4. Lisa Bourlier Avatar
    Lisa Bourlier

    How quickly they grow out of clothes so don’t buy too many!

  5. ELIZABETH C. Avatar

    I’ve purchased so many cute and expensive clothing items & used them maybe once or twice,. Kids grow too fast. Not a great investment.

  6. Laurie Emerson Avatar
    Laurie Emerson

    What I did not know was how fast their little feet would grow.

  7. Trisha McKee Avatar
    Trisha McKee

    Take snacks everywhere! Because when little ones get hungry – there is no getting anything done.

  8. Kerry P Avatar
    Kerry P

    There is so much I didn’t know when I had babies! I didn’t have internet until my 3rd kid was 3! I didn’t have a crock pot!

  9. krystal wethington Avatar
    krystal wethington

    Kids grow super fast so no need for expensive clothing because most of the time they may only get to wear them maybe once.

  10. Tabathia B Avatar
    Tabathia B

    I now carry snacks, toys, extra clothing and my coupons

  11. Maria Beas Avatar
    Maria Beas

    When I first became a Mom I learned that I should’ve bought some clothes, diapers and many many socks before the baby was born. Thanks for the chance to win such an AMAZING giveaway.

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