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Loop Earplugs For Parents Review

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If you’re a busy parent who doesn’t have time to read this entire post, here’s the tl;dr about Loop Earplugs.

They made me feel more relaxed, and eased my stress levels, even with two active children. 

Now, if you have a little time to sit for a while, let me tell you more about my Loops Earplugs experience. 

A couple of months ago, I went on a social media break. 

I felt so distracted and needed time to focus on figuring out what I needed to be focusing on.

Taking the break allowed me to do some reflection and connect with myself more intimately. 

I started intentionally tracking my moods and looking for links in my energy shifts. 

Loop Earplugs

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Guess what I found out, y’all? 

Just about every day between 3:30 PM and when the kids go to bed, I would feel irritated and stressed. 

There is always a lot going on in our house with two parents working and two kids kid-ing.

Seriously, my kids are amazing. They’re energetic and silly, but sometimes the noise level would just be too much.

Add the television or radio, and something like the doorbell ringing unexpectedly could make my anxiety shoot straight up. 

That’s my family’s golden time, though.

It’s when we hear about each other’s days and eat.

We play games and work in the house together.

Me hanging around with a strained look on my phase because I felt like I was about to jump out of my skin wasn’t an option.

That’s when I came across a post on Facebook talking about Loop Earplugs.

The mom who shared about them has similar values to mine and engages with her kids, so I value her suggestions. 

I knew I wanted to be more chill, but how when I felt so frazzled? I figured I’d give Loop Earplugs a chance.

Do Loop earplugs work for parents?

Loop Earplugs

I already told y’all in the tl; dr that these bad boys worked, but let me explain just how they worked for me.

1. I can still hear my kids.

Even though I keep talking about how loud my children are, I do like hearing them.

They say the cutest, most interesting things, and I would never want them to think I was ignoring them because I had earplugs in. 

That’s why I like Loop. The noise level is lowered, I feel more at ease, and my kids feel heard.

2. They are comfortable.

I barely like wearing jewelry, so having earplugs in is usually a no-no.

The Loop Experience earplugs have ultrasoft silicone tips, and I was able to keep them in for nearly two hours. 

3. Loop earplugs are subtle.

I told my family I was wearing earplugs, but they soon forgot.

They didn’t say anything about them for the rest of the evening, and I was able to focus on what I was doing rather than feeling antsy and annoyed. 

Loop earplugs

Different types of Loop earplugs

Even if you’re not an overstimulated parent, these earplugs still help with noise reduction, tinnitus relief, and sleeping.

Depending on what your need is, you can check out one of their three varieties.

1. Quiet

Loop Quiet Earplugs have a mid-level noise reduction. They’re good for sleeping, blocking noise, and if you need to focus. 

These are the ones I prefer, and can still hear everything that’s going on.

If your house is big, though, you might find that you prefer the Experience or Experience Pro. Or if your kids aren’t as loud as mine. Ha!

2. Experience

The Experience Loop Earplugs are the ones that are recommended for parents.

The noise reduction level is low, so you have a lot more hearing range even though the sound is filtered. 

3. Experience Pro

Okay, so Experience Pro is the big mama of the earplugs.

They’re great for concerts and musicians because they keep the clarity of the music even as it reduces the noise. 

Let me just remind you that being overstimulated or feeling annoyed when your house is too loud doesn’t make you a bad parent. 

You’re allowed to be human. 

These earplugs are just a tool to help you be a better human and be able to enjoy your environment more.

Click here to get Loop Earplugs.

Loop Earplugs


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