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How to Help Your Daughter Keep Her Confidence

Learn how to help your daughter keep her confidence in this post sponsored by Mirum Shopper.

Never in my life have I met a group of individuals with more self confidence than little girls. Self-assured and truly aware of their amazingness, these tiny little boss ladies (like my daughter and her friends!) inspire me on a daily basis. That all begins to change around the age of 8, though. That’s when outside influences like the media start to chip away at that strong exterior, and our confident little girls start scrutinizing themselves, inside and out.

How do we change that? How do we help our girl keep her confidence all the way into her tweens and teens so that she can grow up to be a woman who knows she has it going on? Well, I can tell you that it definitely starts at home, and it’s not easy work. Unfortunately, parents, we’re up against some strong opponents when it comes to building our girls’ self-esteem, but with positivity and commitment, we can help her get through the tough adolescent years with little to no scrapes on her confidence. Want to help your daughter keep her confidence? Here’s what you need to do:

Take her concerns seriously.

As adults, we know that many of the things our girls worry about won’t even matter when she gets older. The acne goes away. The hair eventually tames itself. The teeth grow in and start to fit the face, and all will be right with the world after puberty. She doesn’t know that, yet, though. If your daughter comes to you with a concern, listen and help her to find a solution that she feels comfortable with. Treat her the way you would have wanted an adult to treat you when you were her age with the same issues.

Help her find an activity that she excels in.

Every girl has it in her to be a champion at something. Maybe for your girl it’s drawing or robotics. It might be gymnastics, or chess, or theater. Help your girl find an activity that she can master, and support her with that. The more performances, meets, or games she has, the less time she has to worry about the things in her life that may not be perfect.

Speak positively to her. Use uplifting words and phrases.

The most important part of supporting your daughter and helping her to keep her confidence, is to speak positively to her. Celebrate the things about her that make her unique and different. Talk to her about how beautiful she is, inside and out. Your positive words can help drown out the negativity she’s going to hear out in the world.


Dove has reached more than 17 million young people with their self-esteem education programs over the last 10 years. I am thrilled to partner with them for the #WMSharePositivity campaign to encourage you to speak positively to the girls in your life. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own daughter, her friends, a niece, sister, or a family friend, our girls need to hear uplifting and positive messages from their friends and family.