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‘Just Us Girls’ is the journal you’ll wish you had as a girl

Growing up, there were so many conversations I wanted to have with my parents, especially my mom.

When I was a young girl, she was so fascinating to me.  I thought she was the smartest and prettiest woman in the world, and I wanted to know everything about her.

My mom and I didn’t live together for the majority of my adolescence after she and my dad were divorced. We never got to that connected point that I longed for. 

I knew when I was pregnant with my own daughter that I didn’t want that to be the case for me and my girl.

My mom did the best she could with the resources she had, but we live in a different era now. The world we’re in today is all about being connected.

Humans are encouraged to share their feelings. Parents have a desire to get to know their kids on a more intimate level, and vice versa. 

I wrote a book, y’all!

When I was a kid, I just wanted to have my mom listen to me and care about what I was going through. I’ve been committed to being that type of support for my girl.

Part of that work led me to journaling with Ayva. For years, we’d share a notebook back and forth each night, asking each other questions and sharing our thoughts. At one point, though, we ran out of things to write about, so we started writing lists of prompts. 

I am so proud to share that some of those prompts, and many, many more made their way into my new book, Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal For Moms and Daughters!

That’s right, y’all! I WROTE A BOOK!!!

Not only am I proud of the fact that I’m a published author, but that my first book is basically a celebration of my relationship with Ayva and empowers other moms and daughters is like icing on the cake!

Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal For Moms and Daughters

About Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal For Moms and Daughters

Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal For Moms and Daughters is the opportunity that all mamas are looking for to learn more about our girls. I included a wide variety of questions that really help moms and daughters get to know each other. 

There’s an entire year’s worth of writing prompts included, as well as free space for deeper conversations.

After Ayva and I started journaling together, we started to run out of things to say. The conversation starters in the book will make sure that won’t happen with you and your girl. 

My favorite part about the journal is that you can start it at any time. You don’t have to wait until the new year.

With the school year about to start up, Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal for Moms and Daughters could be the perfect way to check in when things start getting busy. 

I wrote this journal with moms, tweens, and teens in mind.

I take the mother / daughter relationship seriously, and there are plenty of questions that will let y’all get deep. Also? Because I believe in balance, and my own daughter and I love to laugh and get silly, there are prompts that will have you cracking up together as well.  

You’re going to have such a good time with this journal!

Why you should journal with your daughter

Until your daughter starts to mature and get into the tween years, it might feel like you’re her very best friend ever.

As she gets older, and starts trying to figure out who she is outside of her relationship with you, it might feel like she’s pulling away a bit.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re intentional about letting her know that you care about what she thinks, and wants to know how she feels, you can get her to open up.

That’s where journaling comes in.

It’s a comfortable way for your growing girl to be honest and open, even about things that might be uncomfortable or make her feel weird.

She can ask you questions about things that might be hard for her to articulate verbally. It gives her a chance to remember that you’re human, too.

If you have a journaling like mine who still tells you everything, journaling together reinforces the feeling that you’re safe and that you care. Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal For Moms and Daughters makes all of this easy. 

Get your copy of Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal for Moms and Daughters

Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal For Moms and Daughters is the the book I wish I would have had when I was my own daughter’s age.

I would have loved to have a relationship that was so open that I could ask my mom anything. There’s so much about her life that I was curious about. We just didn’t connect like that, though. 

I do think that this journal could have helped us.

My mom was super young when she had me, and she grew up in a different era.

The one thing that we always connected over, though, was books and writing. I really believe that if we would have had Just Us Girls that our communication would have improved. We would have been able to find common ground and a chance to connect. 

I’m grateful for the opportunity to bond like this with my Ayva. And I’m proud that so many other moms and daughters are going to have the chance to get closer, too.

 Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal for Moms and Daughters is available on Amazon!

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Saturday 24th of August 2019

I am SO PROUD of you! You inspired me years ago to do this with my daughter and now it's a book! I loved this idea so much that I now use this in the mornings with my 3rd grade class for our opening writing activity. They love to come in and see what "Mrs. B" has written to them. Keep soaring Fran! <3