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It’s [email protected]’s Birthday!

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It’s hard to believe that [email protected], the UN Foundation program that supports immunization efforts for children all over the world is only  one year old. Over the past year, their impact has been incredible. Through the work of the [email protected] staff and Champions, Americans have been educated on ways to raise awareness and funds so that all children will have a shot at adulthood thanks to life-saving vaccines.

To celebrate [email protected]’s First Birthday, I had the pleasure of interviewing another Champion, Emily McKhann. The co-founder of The Motherhood, an award winning social marketing agency, Emily recognizes the power of her social influence, and uses it to help others become informed about how they can help make vaccines accessible to children across the globe.  Here’s more from Emily:

Mama Knows It All, Shot@Life Champion

1. How did you hear about [email protected]?

I heard about [email protected] from the great team at the UN Foundation.

2. What about [email protected] made you interested in supporting the cause?

Since its launch a year ago, [email protected] has been so smart. First, the UN Foundation envisioned [email protected] as a collaborative effort to promote vaccines around the world with great partners, among them the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and many others. I love the power of collective thinking and action!

Second, [email protected] knew that tapping social media moms to help spread the message and get into action could make all the difference.  Last summer, the [email protected] campaign in August, called Blogust (a 31 blogger relay that raised $200,000 for vaccines for 10,000 kids), created enormous awareness of and interest in the program. It was a truly groundbreaking campaign.

Third, I always come back to the fundamental ideas that [email protected] is all about saving lives with vaccines, and the time is now. We could actually eradicate polio, help bring important, new vaccines to the world, and save countless lives by making our existing vaccines more available.

And lastly, my kids love the program. They think it’s appalling that kids around the world don’t have access to the vaccines that they get on their annual visit to the pediatrician (and dread), and love that they can support [email protected] with me.

3. What tips do you have for others to get their friends and family to participate in supporting [email protected]?

There are so many great ways to get involved!!!  Here are a few to start:

1.  Sign up to become a Champion and get trained in media relations, advocacy, fundraising and event planning – GREAT skills to have in life and in support of [email protected]!

2. Share the Global Mom Relay  posts between now and May 2nd and unlock a $5 donation for [email protected]

3. Tweet your Member of Congress to support global vaccines (you can find their Twitter IDs here –  Include @Shotatlife in your tweet so we can re-tweet you!

4. In one sentence, what is the greatest benefit that [email protected] provides for children and families (without using the phrase “shot at life” LOL! )

[email protected] is hope – hope for moms that their kids will live long, healthy lives; hope for kids that they will grow up healthy and strong; hope for communities that they will thrive and not be decimated by disease; hope for our world that our globe will be healthier and safer for all of us.

5. If money and time were no object, what would you give [email protected] for their birthday?

What a great question!  If money were no object, I would give [email protected] millions to raise awareness and get Congress to commit more funds to foreign aid and vaccines (currently the total budget for all U.S. foreign aid equals less than 1% of the national budget). Even a very small increase in the foreign aid budget would make an huge difference to families and kids around the world.

Are you interested in learning more about [email protected]? Perhaps you’d like to be a Champion? Aren’t sure about vaccination and need more info? Take a look at the informative [email protected] website for more information!


Saturday 27th of April 2013

I'm going to apply! Thanks for sharing!

melissa weintraub

Wednesday 24th of April 2013

This is an amazing organization. My girlfriend went up to Washington (I believe In January) for this program, and to learn more. I am a huge advocate of immunizations and getting kids the vaccines they need in all areas. I am so glad that this program was formed!