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It’s October. Time For Some Resolutions.

October is historically my most favorite month. Maybe it has something to do with my birthday being in a few weeks, or maybe it’s because by now I’m used to the autumn aura. Whatever the reason, I love the 10th month, and I’m especially grateful that the 1st falls on a Monday this year. I’m one of those people who loves making new year resolutions. The difference with me and most people, though, is that my new year can start at any time. I mean, every day that we wake up is an opportunity to do something new and different, right? Why not resolve to make the next year of your life better? 
So, today is my new year, and I have a resolution. Yes, just one. Now, resolutions are different than goals, at least to me. Goals are things that you want to accomplish. They are typically external. Goals can be achieved as long as you do X,Y,Z…regardless of how you feel about doing X,Y,Z. Even if your mind isn’t resolved to the goal, if you take the steps to get the goal, you’ll probably reach it anyway. Resolutions are more about being mentally ready for to do something different. 
I’ve been blogging a lot about being unorganized. Actually, looking back, I blogged about that several times. I did just move, so there’s that, but just in general, I’m not a very organized person. I have notebooks and papers all over the place with very important things in it, 4 (or maybe 5) email addresses that receive pertinent email every day, and don’t even get me talking about the clothes and stuff like that. The biggest problem I have with being unorganized, is now it’s taking time away from me and my family. I forget about a deadline until just the last minute and have to jump on the computer during dinner time. My “just give Mommy 1 more minute, Ayva” turns into another hour…it’s time for a change. 
Yesterday I had the great fortune of being stuck in an airport because my flight was delayed. It was definitely a blessing because the airport had free internet, and I was still pumped up from the sessions at Blogalicious, the conference I attended. Instead of browsing Facebook or checking out the gossip sites, I decided to take the time that I had and get a jump on some work for the week. I am resolved that I will spend less of my family time tethered to my laptop. Working during times that would typically be downtime when I’m by myself, that’s one of the ways that I’m going to make that happen. Placing more value on my family time than my online time, that’s another way that I’m going to do that. Realizing that, like my boss and friend, Courtney, said this morning, sometimes I just need to shut the laptop down because everything is not an emergency. 
This is my new year resolution, y’all. I’m a bit anxious, trying to grow a career in the world of social media, and saying that I’ll be spending less time on social media. It almost feels a bit like going backwards. That’s what the resolve part is, though, to not just SAY my family comes first, but to show it, too. 
It’s October 1st. What is your resolution for the “new” year?