People We Can Judge Instead of Moms

judge moms
Moms have been having a rough time lately. It seems like everyone wants to judge moms. From the mother whose child slipped through a railing at the zoo and found himself in a close encounter with a gorilla, to the heartbroken mom who lost a child in the most devastating way possible, instead of some folks feeling compassion for them, they’re judging them. Comments about their parenting skills, and opinions about what they should have done instead, I’ve seen some cruel statements being made and it breaks my heart.

I read a million books before I had Ayva. Still, I was surprised on the day that I checked out of the hospital that the nurses just handed that little baby to me, and sent me on my way. There was no checklist, no blueprint for how to do things perfectly. Those books didn’t take into account that my baby might have issues with latching on the first night, or that I would be too sore from the C-section to pump milk and make bottles. Every mother and child’s situation is unique. There are no blanket rules that apply for all families. We’re basically all just winging it.

The majority of us moms want to do what’s right for our children. We work hard to juggle work obligations, parenting duties, being a wife / partner, and trying to retain some sense of who we are as an individual.  It’s absolutely worth it, but y’all…it’s hard. The last thing we need is a bunch of people who don’t know us, who don’t know our situation, judging us and making us feel worse than we already do when something goes wrong.

Stop judging moms.

We live in a society filled with folks who love to judge. I’m one of them. I’m not proud of it, but I’d be a liar if I said I never judged anyone. Instead of judging moms, I think we should focus that energy into judging folks who truly deserve it. Rude people, mean people, or just people who get on our nerves in general. I made a list of people we can start with. Check it out in the video and then let me know who else we can add to the list!

5 responses to “People We Can Judge Instead of Moms”

  1. Sarah Hughes Avatar
    Sarah Hughes


    1. brandijeter Avatar

      There’s always one, right, Sarah? LOL!

  2. Jovanhanna Avatar

    I judge the person that smiles in people’s face and then trashes them behind their back!! I loved this!! We really need to judge this government and these politicians!!

    1. brandijeter Avatar

      Yes! See I like that idea!

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