Inspiring Your Small But Powerful Child

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We live in a country that loves champions. Look at us today, all gathered around the television to see who will win the Big Game. Even the folks who don’t really care about football are in the spirit, hype about the big win that’s to come.

Big games. Big wins. Big champions.

What about the road to the victory? The little successes that lead to glory? You know, things like practice, stamina, willpower, and the ability to keep going even if you lose? These are the small but powerful actions that the majority of people will get to experience. Most of us won’t ever make it to a world championship game, or be crowned best in the world at anything. That doesn’t mean that our wins don’t matter. It doesn’t mean that they’re not significant. These everyday wins deserve to be celebrated. Thank you to Tide Pods and Socialstars for sponsoring this post.

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As a parent, it’s my job to teach this lesson to my daughter. I have to help her to recognize the impact her small but powerful actions have on her life. You sold a box of Girl Scout cookies at church today? Awesome! You’re on your way to selling many more. Made it across the balance beam in gymnastics without falling off? Fantastic! Next you’ll be leaping across the beam, or doing flips. Finished that entire series of books already? Wonderful! The next series might be more challenging, but you’ve already showed that you are capable of getting through it.

Small victories lead to big victories. I tell Ayva all the time that she doesn’t need a huge crowd yelling and cheering for her. If nothing else, she’ll always has her dad and me. Above anything, though, she has herself. Empowering our children to believe in their own potential, and celebrate their own accomplishments is one of the most important things that we can do for them.

Mia Hamm has teamed up with Tide Pods to share her #SmallButPowerful story. Like Tide Pods, Mia and her gold medal winning soccer team were small but effective and they proved everyone wrong who doubted their abilities. As we celebrate champions tonight, don’t forget to remember the small but powerful and mighty folks…like the ones right in your own home.

No one took us seriously. So we made them. Just like Danica Patrick. #SmallButPowerful Tide #ad

Posted by Mia Hamm on Sunday, February 7, 2016

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