I Want To Sleep Under The Stars + Smoothie Recipe

sleep under the stars smoothie

Make a delicious smoothie inspired by “Unlimited Squirrels: I Want To Sleep Under the Stars” in this post sponsored by Disney Book group.

My son Jamie loves funny books. It’s so interesting to watch his little brain comprehend funny or interesting things when we’re reading to him. I thought he’d enjoy Mo Willems’ new book, “Unlimited Squirrels: I Want to Sleep Under the Stars!and I was right!

He immediately fell in love with the characters, and still hasn’t stopped talking about them.

Since I always want to encourage Jamie’s love of reading, I sometimes add special surprise activities to new books to engage him even more.

This time, my daughter and I decided to make an “Under The Stars” smoothie. According to Ayva, the smoothie tastes “Warm and cozy! It goes perfectly with the book!”

About Unlimited Squirrels: I Want To Sleep Under the Stars!

So, what is Unlimited Squirrels: I Want To Sleep Under the Stars even about?

Well first of all, it’s by Mo Willems, author of the Pigeon books which I know y’all have read. Zoom Squirrel wants to sleep under the stars in the night sky. All of his friends want to help him, and have tons of ideas for how to make that happen. You might even say they have too many ideas about how to make that happen!

I love Unlimited Squirrels: I Want To Sleep Under the Stars because it incorporates the fictional squirrel characters with non-fiction information about nocturnal animals. It’s seriously perfect if your kid is like mine and loves to learn about, well, everything!

There are lots of little surprises throughout the book, including jokes, quizzes, fun facts, and fun characters to make it one that your kiddo can read over and over again.

Also? Not to spoil the story or anything, but there’s some really great modeling of how to use your words to let folks know what you need happening by Zoom Squirrel in the book!

How To Make An Under The Stars Smoothie

Okay, so making Under The Stars Smoothie is super simple. I mean, all smoothies are, right?

But THE FLAVOR. The flavor, y’all! It’s really yummy!

And it’s completely plant-based if you use vegan granola.

The combo of sweet and savory with granola add-ins gives it a bit of a “trail mix” vibe so you feel like you’re ready to camp out beneath the stars! Plus we top it with starry-night sprinkles which are both beautiful and delicious!

This kid-friendly recipe is the perfect slightly-sweet-but-not-too-much treat to have right before bedtime and reading all about Zoom Squirrel’s goal of sleeping under the stars!


-1 cup frozen mango

-1 cup frozen peaches

-1.5 tablespoon brown sugar

-2 teaspoon vanilla

-1 teaspoons brown sugar

-1 cup oat milk

-a handful of granola

-granola and sprinkles to garnish

What to do:

To make the smoothie, add the oat milk, mango, peaches, granola, cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla in a blender. Make sure you add them in that order. 

Blend all of the ingredients together until perfectly smooth.

Pour the smoothie into a mason jar and garnish with sprinkles and more granola. 


And don’t forget to check out the Unlimited Squirrels in I Want to Sleep Under the Stars, available now!

If you can’t get enough of Zoom Squirrels and friends, guess what? It’s part of a series so there’s even more A-corny jokes and furry adventures for your early reader to enjoy.