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I Love Steel Cut Oats

Thanks to CVS/pharmacy for sending heart healthy products for my family to try!
Steel Cut Oats

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Eating oatmeal doesn’t fill me up. In fact, it’s just the opposite. If I eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, 10 minutes later I feel like I haven’t eaten in 30 days. For years I’ve been jealous of my friends who proudly tweet or post on Facebook pictures of their bowls of oats with the hashtag #breakfastofchampions. Nope. Not for me. When I shared the sad state of my oatmeal situation with a few caring friends, they recommended that I try steel cut oats.

“It’s heartier”, they said.

“It’ll fill you up”, they promised.

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They were right. I’m not a “let oats sit overnight” type of gal, so I was happy to discover Gold Emblem Abound Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats at CVS/pharmacy. From the moment I opened the canister, I knew that steel cut oats and I were going to work out just fine. The smell and texture of the nutty grains had me checking the kettle obsessively while I waited for the water to boil. When it finally did, I poured it over the steel cut oats and watched as they expanded and turned into a real #breakfastofchampions.

What To Put In Steel Cut Oats

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My friends suggested a few options for stir-ins, but I wanted to taste the oats on their own for my first time eating them, so I only added a tiny bit of cinnamon. They were delish. Like, really, really good. I totally can see how steel cut oats can be the foundation for an awesome, heart healthy meal, and I can’t wait until the morning to try out some of the add-ins suggested by my friends Lori and Hope, and my blog reader Shawn. Here’s what they suggested putting in steel cut oats (and serving with a side of toast and fruit):

  • vanilla extract
  • brown sugar
  • butter
  • chia seeds
  • raisins
  • nut butter
  • nutmeg

Heart Healthy Benefits

Not only do steel cut oats give the benefit of actually feeling like you remembered to eat breakfast, they’re also good for the heart. Yes! They’re like the Santa Claus of the grain world. Steel cut oats just keep giving! They contain a soluble fiber that helps to eliminate fat and cholesterol from the body and assists in decreasing the risk of heart disease. And really, for the price you can get them at CVS/pharmacy (especially when you use your ExtraCare card and the special coupons that you get in your email—I have one for 20% off waiting to be used!) eating steel cut oats is a low-cost way to support your great big heart!

While you’re at CVS/pharmacy, pick up some Raw Natural Almonds, Omega-3 Trail Mixradiance PLATINUM CoQ-10 Capsules, and radiance PLATINUM Ultra Soya Lecithin Softgels to aid in your healthy heart habits.  CVS/pharmacy is really the only place you need to stop for all of your heart healthy product needs!  A delicious, hearty breakfast and health benefits? That’s the recipe for a good day, right there!

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Taya Dunn Johnson

Friday 27th of February 2015

I love steel cut oats!! I also like add ins like craisins, dried strawberries, honey and toasted coconut. I didn't know the difference between instant oatmeal and steel cut oats for YEARS. One day the conversation came up at work, and I was shocked!! :) I couldn't make it through the winter months without my oats.

Arelis Cintron Dias

Friday 27th of February 2015

Steel cut oats is one of the healthiest breakfasts. Not all are made the same so I'll have to check this one out when I go to CVS next. I've always made oatmeal on the stove with milk, a pinch of salt and acinnamon stick, slowly stirred. Man now I want oatmeal.

Janeane Davis

Friday 27th of February 2015

There really is a difference between steel cut and other oatmeal. Steel cut is heartier and more delicious.


Friday 27th of February 2015

Yep. Love me some oatmeal. Especially in the winter!


Friday 27th of February 2015

So I'd never heard of steel cut oats before but they sound awesome - taste and health benefits. Win-win!!! I have to agree - when I eat a hearty breakfast I'm snacking like crazy within an hour or so, too.