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I Hate My Mother – My "Listen To Your Mother" Piece

A few months ago I participated in “Listen To Your Mother“, an amazing experience with women (and  one brave man!) who shared our innermost thoughts and feelings about motherhood. All of wrote and read pieces, some humorous, others not, that really spoke to the complexity of being a mother and/or being mothered. It was…unbelievable.

My piece, “I Hate My Mother”, dealt with my rocky relationship with my alcoholic mother. A few days after this performance, I shared with her what I had written in an effort to get her to understand what I was feeling, what I had been feeling for many years. I wish I could say that it inspired a change in her, but that’s still not clear. She is in rehab right now, so there’s that, but the last time I visited, it still seemed as if she was still a bit in denial.

I want to share my piece with you. I often share the positive parts of my life, and that’s because I want people to feel uplifted when they read my posts. Knowing what I’ve gone through, though, and what I work through every day to get to the smiles…I’m hoping that will inspire you, too.

Please watch the rest of the Listen To Your Mother videos. They are brilliant, and hilarious, and sad, and you get to know more about some of the most lovely women on the earth. This post also kicks off my “Mothering Daughters” series. From now until the end of October, you can come back here each Wednesday for advice and stories about the special gift of being a mother to a girl.