I Care Enough To Let Her Be Her Own Girl

I was part of the Every day, care™project with Whirlpool® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #EveryDayCare
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That’s the age when, all of sudden, Ayva started taking longer than me to get dressed. Since she usually has to wear a uniform to school, the weekends and free dress days are all about her having a chance to express her creativity through fashion. She carefully looks through her closet, holding dresses and skirts (ALWAYS dresses and skirts!) up to her and piecing together outfits that make her feel special.

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She never just wears a dress, either. Nowadays there’s always a vest or necklace or some kind of accessory added that will make her outfit, in her words, “pop”. Being unique is really important to her.

Being on time is really important to me.

In the mornings, our family dances around each other taking showers, brushing teeth, and trying to keep out of each other’s way as we get ready for our day. There’s breakfast to eat and bookbags to pack, and before you know it, even though it feels like we just woke up, I’m grabbing my keys and hustling Ayva out the door to get her to school.

Even through all of that, though, I realize it’s important to give Ayva the time she needs to pick out her outfits. I can admit that I used to get impatient with her. I didn’t understand why she couldn’t just wear what I pulled out of the closet. As long as it’s clean and it fits that’s all that matters, right?


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On one of the days when I wasn't running behind and I took a second to just STOP and listen and watch Ayva's process, I got it. It's the same thing that I went through as a child, and all of a sudden I remembered. Being able to pick out her own clothes is an act of independence. Ayva is discovering who she is, and how she wants folks to perceive her, and she's doing it through clothes. Not only is it developmentally appropriate, but when I step back and take away my need to always be mothering, it's pretty cool to watch unfold.

My baby girl is being her own girl.

I can definitely make time for that.

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You know, I show that I care for Ayva each day by doing things like buying her dresses, washing her clothes, and picking up a pair of cute shoes or a headband that I know she loves when I see it. All of that is good, but allowing her to be herself, though, is really the next level of showing her how much I care. Whirlpool is reminding us that the care our family receives from us is deeper than the physical act. Whenever Ayva goes to get her favorite dress from her closet and it's hanging up clean and ready to be worn again for the second time that week, she knows that I get her. She knows that I care.

Your family knows that you care, too. The dishes that you wash, the time you spend helping with homework...it's not for nothing. When you give of yourself in that way, you have no idea the impact you're making on the people that you love. Every day, care™

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