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How To Win The Morning

This post was sponsored by belVita through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about belVita, all opinions are my own. #MorningWin

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Every morning, after I drop Ayva off at school, I return home and the race to get it all done before I have to pick her up again is on. As a work at home mom and entrepreneur, I only have a few hours each day to fit everything in. In an effort to stay on task, I give myself daily challenges to ensure I get it all done. One day might be the “Tackle The Email Inbox Challenge” or the “Send Out Pitches Challenge”. Another day might be the, “Every Single Floor In This House Needs To Be Mopped Challenge”. Each day brings new and different goals to reach, and I find that these challenges help me to seize the day and win the morning! Here’s how you can achieve a #MorningWin just like me!

1. Make a list of things that need to get done, and then break it up.

Some of you might be able to wing it, but I find that having a list of the things that I need to do greatly increases the odds of those things getting done. Once you have your list, group the like items together and create individual challenges for each one. So, all of the household chores would be the, you guessed it, “Chores Challenge”, the work stuff would be the “Work Challenge”. I actually prefer to be a little more creative with my challenge names, so you’ll probably find me doing the “Beyoncé Get Me Bodied Dishes Challenge”.

2. Set a time limit for your challenge.

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I like to work with music playing, so instead a timer, I use songs as my gauge for getting things done. For example, I should be able to write a short blog posts in about, oh, eight songs. That number might go up a bit if one of my jams come on and I have to stop and dance. In the case of the “Beyoncé Get Me Bodied Dishes Challenge”, I dance and wash. Two birds. One stone. #winning

3. Make sure you are appropriately fueled up.

The #1 factor in ensuring you’re able to master your daily challenges and have tons of morning wins, is making sure you’re fueled up. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time in my day for a “Sit Down And Have A Leisurely Breakfast” Challenge. Fortunately a big cup of water, a mug of coffee, and some belVita Bites (they come in two flavors, Chocolate and Mixed Berry!) will keep me going for 4 hours, plenty of time for me to carpe diem! The slow release carbs from wholesome grains help to ensure I can have a #MorningWin every single day. Hmm…maybe I should start an “Every Day I’m Winning” Challenge. You in? 🙂

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