How To Demonstrate God’s Love Online

Our country is in the midst of mourning. This crisis is so terrible, so unthinkable, that in our quest to find something, anything to make sense of it all, we sometimes end up alienating one another at just the time when we should be coming together. There’s a lot that we need to take action on, much that we need to discuss, but right now, please, can we show a little love?

Christ Believers, we especially should be demonstrating empathy and love. After all, isn’t that why we go to church every week to learn how to do? Isn’t that why we study the Bible? Isn’t that what God has said we are to do in His Word? In 2 Corinthians 5:20, it says that we are “ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us.” Since we are representing Christ, should we not strive to portray Him in our actions, even those that are online? I’ll admit, since Friday, I have been judgmental. I have been righteous. And now, it’s time to decrease myself, increase Him, and let my life reflect God’s grace. 
Here are a few ideas for ways that you can demonstrate God’s love online: