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How Not To Freak Out About Kindergarten

How Not To Freak Out About Kindergarten

It seems so cliché to be anxious about Ayva starting kindergarten in a few weeks, but you know what? The anxiety and nervousness that I’m feeling about her starting grade school is real, and yeah, I’m freaking out a little bit. When Ayva started going to daycare at 3 months old, I was there with her in the same building. The women in her classroom would call me when she was hungry and I’d go down and nurse her. I never packed bottles because, what for? I was always there. When we moved to California, she was in preschool for 3 hours a day and I work from home, so we still spent the majority of our time together. Even though we drive each other crazy sometimes, we’re besties! We like all the same things, bagels for lunch, spontaneous runs to Michael’s for craft supplies during the middle of the week when it’s not crowded, and walks around the neighborhood, collecting flowers and other little treasures. 

Soon, though, she’ll be headed out to school all day, then I’ll run her to extracurricular activities, then back to the apartment for homework and dinner and bed.  She’ll make new friends, and (prayerfully) her teacher will be her new hero, and I’ll be relegated to just being Mom, the lady at home who nags about meaningless things like going to bed on time and cleaning her room. I guess I can put my Super Mom cape away at this point, huh? Kindergarten Mom won’t need it.

What? Too much?

Yeah, I’m being a little dramatic, but MY BABY’S GOING TO KINDERGARTEN! I think a little melodrama is appropriate in this case, right? Since I don’t want to spend the next 12 years stressing out  (instead of menopause, it’s mamapause. I’m totally getting hot flashes as I go through this change), so I asked for help. Here’s some advice that I got from other moms who’ve already went through it:

To breathe and be excited! Even the nervous ones will be excited if you are. When you show her you’re worried or have anxiety about this new chapter, she will too.

-Mandi from Potstickers Club

Take tons of pictures they change so much and so fast in kindergarten.

-LaTasha, Kindergarten Teacher & Mom

Don’t be surprised if their teacher becomes their favorite person in the whole wide world! Like maybe even a little more than you! Their teacher is sure to be the smartest person ever!

-Sandy from Mommy Powers

Savor every second because you’ll blink and Kindergarten graduation time will be here!

-Janet from Going Crazy Wanna Go?

Learn that you can’t do everything but you can still be involved.

-Mea, Mom of a 1st Grader

You will survive. She will survive. And you will BOTH be the better for it.

-Steph from Confessions Of A Stay At Home Mom 

Let it happen … all at it’s own pace … they are not the same kid on the last day, as they were on the first day & it’s beautiful!

-Hillary from My Scraps

Get involved as much as you can at school. In the later grades, there will be fewer opportunities to get involved. Have fun. Take TONS of pictures.

-Barb from A Life In Balance

Get ready for the attitude!

-Pam from Unconventional Librarian

Your baby will find her way around without you and will enjoy the independence of being in real school!

-Janeane from Janeane’s World

 Do you have a little one going to kindergarten? Had children that already have gone through it? Let me know what you’re thinking right now!

Janeane Davis

Wednesday 30th of July 2014

I remember when my first (now 18) went to kindergarten. I was afraid she would get lost in school and spend the day wandering around. I got better with my son (now 11) but I still worried with my last ones (now 7). But they find there way literally and figuratively and it is a wonderful thing to see. You will make it mama.


Sunday 3rd of August 2014

@janeanedavis:disqus I'm looking forward to her learning her way around and the confidence that comes along with that. I'm not looking forward to her growing up. I look at you and your Spelie and I think, "Wow...that's going to be me in a few years" Hmm...actually, when I think about it that way, I guess I have a lot to look forward to!

Emily Stephens

Wednesday 30th of July 2014

My son starts Kindergarten in 34 days (but who's counting?!). Like your daughter, he started a daycare program at a young age and only for partial days; though he's been going ever since. I feel like this year is a huge change, not only for him but for me. It's exciting and scary.

I'm trying not to focus on all the things we won't be doing together (like lunch outside on the lawn, road trips to wherever whenever we feel like it, and staying up late to watch a movie just because) and look ahead toward all the amazing things he'll be experiencing.

It's hard knowing that I'm not going to share as many every day experiences with him; especially knowing that he is my only baby. Rather being proud of the friendly, well-mannered child I'm raising and knowing that his independent spirit will ensure he has a blast in Kindergarten. {Even on those days where I may sit in the car crying!}


Sunday 3rd of August 2014

YES, @disqus_lSnrzO16oc:disqus!!! That's right! Knowing that you raised a great kid...that's what the focus should be on! I'll be in the car crying, too. Or standing at the window of her classroom. Either way, there will be tears. I'm excited, though! Scared, but excited!