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How Do I Wear This…Tunic/Shirt/Thing?

When it comes to my style, I’m trying, y’all. I’m really, really trying. I’ve cleaned out my closets, gotten rid of shoes and boots that were run down and tore up, and repurposed some old, raggedy tee-shirts into towels and rags. I’ve even gone out and bought some new items to update my wardrobe. Because I’m as cheap as they come frugal, I’ve purchased a few things on sale that I’m not sure how to wear, and I’ve also discovered some things that might be cute in my closet…but I’m not sure. So, here’s what I’m going to do. Every Wednesday, I’ll post a picture of myself wearing something that could potentially look good, but I just need some advice from y’all on how to wear it.

This week, I have this shirt…or tunic…or something, that I purchased a few weeks ago from Macy’s. I love the color (coral), and the sparkly sparkles on the front. I’m just wondering, how do I make this not look like a maternity shirt? Help! How do I wear this???