How to Host a Galentine’s Day Vision Board Party

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HERSHEY® for SheSpeaks. All opinions are 100% mine.

Long before my husband and kids came along, there were the girlfriends. That’s what I call the various women throughout my life who sowed into me, loved on me, and helped me to become the woman that I am today. I have best friends that I’ve been tight with since high school who feel like family.

Then there’s the old co-workers turned soul sisters, and new friends that I have social media to thank for. The ladies at church. Homegirls from work. My cousins and aunts. All of these women collectively keep me afloat and I’m so grateful for them.

Even though I’ve been married for 5 years now, I never forget my girlfriends. From spending quality time together to deep conversations about everything, they stay on my priority list.

Every day is a good day to let them know how much I appreciate them. Valentine’s Day, or as we like to call it, Galentine’s Day gives me the chance to make time spent together feel extra special.

I love getting my friends together. Even when my home was too small to host, I would talk my mother in law into letting me use her house. Now that I’m in a bigger house, you better believe I’ve been looking for ways to host a fun party for my friends.

A Galentine’s Day Vision Board Party is perfect! All of the women I’m connected to are hardworking and creative, and this theme fits right into their personalities.

The thing that I’ve learned about parties over the years is to keep things simple. Whether it’s for kids or adults, the main goal is to engage and bond. I can’t tell you how many times I went ridiculously overboard on everything from the food to the entertainment.

Instead of being excited that I’d get to hang out with my loved ones, I would be stressed out. Once the day of the party arrived, I’d be running around trying to make things perfect.

After years of planning parties and hosting get togethers I finally figured that out. Even an event with a planned activity and lots of moving pieces like a Galentine’s Day Vision Board Party can be easy to host.

A vision board is a collage that helps you to visualize your goals. When you spend the time and energy to focus on the things that you’re going to do to improve your life, and then make a tangible reminder, it helps you to manifest those things by positive thinking, concentration, and hard work.

Vision board parties are incredible because not only are you being focused, but your friends are right there with you hearing about your goals and helping you to stay accountable. It’s the perfect event to host if you want to plan something a little different than the normal girls night out.

Here’s how you can host your very own Galentine’s Day Vision Board Party, complete with yummy treats and empowering fun!

Write out a party plan.

Before I buy anything for or invite anyone to any party I host, I write out a party plan. This written plan is the blueprint for the entire event, and I refer to it over and over.

Believe it or not, seeing everything I need to do to execute a party all in one place doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed at all. It actually gives me a sense of organization and helps me manage my time so that I’m not feeling rushed and stressed like I used to be back in the day! Here’s what should be on your party plan:

1. List of your party guests

2. Menu

3. Supplies needed for any activities and decorations

4. Timeline for getting things done

Invite guests.

When I first started planning parties, I rarely mixed my friend groups. I thought socializing would be easier if I only invited folks who already knew each other. That was so silly of me!

Now I invite all of my girlfriends to everything and let them have a chance to get to know one another. When I think about the new friendships that have bloomed from opening up my circles, it makes me smile!

Once you have your guest list, send an invitation. I like digital invitations, and if I don’t get a response in a few days, I’ll also send a text.

In your invitation let folks know what a vision board party is because they may not know. Don’t forget to ask them to bring magazines to share with the other guests for the vision board

Keep the menu simple.

A vision board party is super hands on and likely to get messy, so it makes sense to keep the food simple. The girlfriends will be cutting, gluing, and otherwise being creative.

The vision boards are the star of the party for the day.

The food should be complement and play a supporting role. I like to serve a variety of unique cheeses, crackers, fruit, and a few delicious sweets when I host a party that has an active component.

Because it’s a Galentine’s Day, chocolate is not optional. No, seriously. You gotta have chocolate.

Since the plan is to keep the food simple, I choose a sweet treat that I know everyone will love. HERSHEY® makes rich, creamy chocolate candy that is always a crowd pleaser. HERSHEY® Lava Cake KISSES chocolates, found at Walmart, my one-stop shop for all things Valentine’s Day!

They are so delicious and serve double duty because of their iconic shape. Not only do they taste good, but the little drop of chocolate shape symbolizes love, so even just putting them in a dish on the table sends a message that this party is one where women are loved and appreciated.

Gather the vision board activity supplies.

Making vision boards are fun because they’re so personal. You’ll need magazines, glue, scissors, and paper for all of your guests. You can ask your girlfriends to bring magazines to share with the group, but as the host, you’ll want to have everything else for them to make their masterpiece.

One big tip: before you go out shopping, go through the craft supplies you already have. Pull out markers, old stickers, washi tape, glitter, and anything else you’ve accumulated over the years.

While they may not have been useful to you, it might be exactly what one of your girlfriends needs to make her vision board perfect for her.

It’s also nice to have your vision board already completed to give shy guests an idea of what it will look like when it’s done. Also, it’ll give you a chance to mingle and be the host. At the end of the activity, everyone will share what’s on their board and talk about their goals, and you’ll be able to do that, too.

Have a few surprises up your sleeve.

Many of my girlfriends are even better hostesses than I am.

One trick I learned from them is to have some surprises waiting to delight my guests. Yes, it’s a vision board party, so crafting is inevitable, but how about a quick trivia game, karaoke with uplifting, upbeat anthems for women, or a dance challenge?

There is nothing better than to watch your friends fall over in laughter during an unexpected competition.

Have a few prizes around for the women who participate. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just something that will let your guests know that you appreciate their spirit and energy!

Bath bombs, face masks, or even better, more chocolate is perfect. Since your guests will likely have indulged in tons of HERSHEY® Lava Cake KISSES chocolates already, send the grand prize winner home with a box of HERSHEY® Pot of Gold chocolates from Walmart.

The assorted milk and dark chocolates and caramel candies are great for sharing. If you’re lucky, your girlfriend will open them up for everyone to snack on before she leaves! If not, buy an extra one for yourself and hide until all of your guests are gone. Ha!

Remember, a vision board party is meant to leave guests feeling inspired and empowered. Stay relaxed. Put your heart into the planning. Use this as an opportunity to let your girlfriends know how much they mean to you.

Every year, my vision board has something on it about connection and relationships. There’s no more perfect way to make that goal a reality than by bringing the people I love most together for an afternoon of uplifting fun!

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