Host An End Of Summer Reading Party!

I am proud to be a PBS Kids Insider, and grateful to them for sponsoring this party!
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Every since Ayva learned how to read, things have been so different around here. Take this summer for instance. Instead of me reading to her, she’s been picking out stories and letting me be the one to listen for a change! Having a young reader in the family is nothing short of amazing. I love seeing her discover the way words turn into ideas. Watching her understand a joke, and hearing her switch voices for different characters is not only entertaining, but it lets me know she can comprehend what she’s reading as well.

Last Sunday after church, we had a little summer reading get together at my in-laws house. We grilled a few hot dogs and put out some snacks, but the read star of the party was the books and activities that we received from PBS Kids! Ayva enjoyed being able to be the “teacher” and read to the smaller children in attendance, and the adults at the party liked thinking back to their favorite books growing up!

Have you considered hosting an end of the summer reading party? It’s a great way to get children excited for the upcoming school year and to celebrate all of the reading that they’ve done all summer long! Get ideas on things to do on the PBS Kids Summer Safari page! We are going to be taking a few summer reading kits to different friends this weekend, and are sure to have a few extra. If you’d like us to send your little one a kit that we’ve put together, email me at [email protected] and I’ll get it out next week!
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