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How to help your favorite entrepreneur during the holidays

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Office Depot, but all opinions are my own.

What is it about the holidays, that even though we know they’re coming, they sneak up on us every single year?

Ever since I became an entrepreneur, the year goes by so fast and before you know it, it’s time for me to send gifts to clients, merchandise to customers, and get ready for the new year.

I was smart this year and planned ahead. Instead of waiting until the last minute, I made a list of everything I needed to get done.

Then I went through my list, crossing things off, and am proud to have gotten a lot accomplished before the last-minute. 

There’s still plenty more to do, though. And I’m running out of time.

I’m not stressed, though. I have two elves to help me (one who I birthed and one who I married). My husband and my daughter have stepped up and offered to do whatever I need to get everything done for the holidays. I’m grateful for their help, and that got me to thinking about what I need exactly. 

If you have an entrepreneur in your life, here’s how you can help them during the holiday season.

Make your offer to help clear. 

If you want to support an entrepreneur in your life this holiday season, make sure it’s crystal clear what you’re offering. Most entrepreneurs are used to doing things on our own. We don’t want to put you out. If you’re willing to run to the post office, let us know.

Would you address envelopes, or even bring us food so we don’t have to stop working to worry about eating? Tell us so we can know how to respond when you ask, “Need any help?”

Bring her useful gifts. 

If your way of supporting your favorite entrepreneur is by bringing gifts, make sure you bring things that are super useful. A box of paper isn’t going to help me since I never print things out.

However, a fantastic notebook to take notes and use for planning  to get a head start on the new year is ideal.

The TUL® Wireless Charging Notebook, exclusive to Office Depot and OfficeMax, is the perfect gift for business owners! It will help her to stay organized, on top of her schedule, and she can charge her phone on it.

Yup, this notebook has a built-in wireless charging spot on the cover for iPhone and Android smartphones. She can charge her phone up anywhere!

Any product that is a triple threat like that is going to be a winner. Trust me. 

Run errands with her. 

Yes, it’s helpful to make store runs for your favorite entrepreneur. It’s even better if you can make store runs with her. That way, she doesn’t waste any time standing in line, and she can pick up more of the things she needs faster.

For example, when I went to Office Depot to get holiday cards printed or to ship out my client appreciation gifts (they ship packages 7 days a week!), my husband can shop my list and pick up more shipping supplies while I’m handling my business in the Print & Copy center.  

Making store runs together is also nice for the moments when she slows down and y’all can sneak in a quick coffee date on your way to finish another errand!

Think ahead about what she might need. 

I’ve learned that people can’t read my mind. I’m pretty open about what I need when folks are helping me out. Still, I really appreciate when they predict what I might need and get it for me before I have to say a word. 

Sometimes it’s bringing home a fresh set of markers or TUL metallic pens from Office Depot and OfficeMax.  It seems like everyone can use more pens, and having supplies that are a little fun makes the work more enjoyable. Other times it might be bringing me a pastry and hot cup of tea.

Either way, I am so grateful when I don’t have to do all of the thinking and my support system goes above and beyond with their help.

TUL Notebook

Your favorite entrepreneur needs your help during the holidays.

I know that everyone has a busy schedule and lots to do during the holiday season. It’s double the norm for entrepreneurs. If you have a business owner as a friend or a family member, do what you can to support them. I can guarantee you that everything they do is to make life better. Not just for themselves, but for you as well.

Offer to run an errand, help address some envelopes, or just hang around to keep your favorite entrepreneur company while they get things done. Being present is the best present you can give them!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Office Depot.


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