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Six Kids, Two Parents – Growing Up McGhee

Growing Up McGhee is coming to UP and I’m delighted to share more about the show’s premiere in this sponsored post.
Growing Up McGhee June 8 Sustaining
Can you imagine having six babies at one time? I can’t. In our family, there are 2 adults to 1 child, and we still have to call in reinforcement sometimes! I have several family members and friends who have multiple children, and I always look at them in such awe. I remember asking my friend Kim (who at the time had 3 kids under 4) how she does it. I was so exhausted, and felt really bad about it. How dare I be so tired when I only have ONE child to worry about when so many other mothers have several? Her answer really encouraged me. She said that God gives us the strength to deal with whatever individual situation we’re in. Being the mother of multiples is no doubt work, but being a mom to one has its own unique challenges. The biggest lesson to takeaway is that all moms need help, support, and understanding.



Mia and Ro McGhee know all about the strength it takes to raise a family. The parents of sextuplets, they are learning to balance their lives with a houseful of 5-year-olds. In the new series “Growing Up McGhee,” on UP, the McGhees will share all of the lessons they learn as they raise their crew. From homework to chore charts, and a family business, we’ll get a chance to glimpse into the McGhee’s lives for some parenting inspiration, fun, and “oh, I feel you, Mama” moments. Check out the premiere on Wednesday, June 8th on UP at 9 PM EST!

I’m happy to partner with UP to spread the word about Growing Up McGhee. Here’s more about UP:

At UP, we get family and the relationships that define them. From your crazy uncle to your neighbor that you love like a sister, we get the unique stories; the strengths and the silliness, the tears and triumphs, the laughter and the hard-won lessons of family. We celebrate what makes each story unique and the shared experiences that bring us all together.

As TV’s trusted home for families that is targeting adults, we promise to tell their stories in a way that is relatable, genuine, positive, but most of all fun and entertaining. We will tell stories of family that leave you feeling, well….UP.

Because at UP, we get family.

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Joyce Brewer

Friday 17th of June 2016

I'm like you with one child and constantly feeling pulled in a million different directions. I love watching this family grow. I remember when Oprah first interviewed them when the babies were born. Delighted to see they found a new TV home!