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Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your Child Sleep Better

help your child sleep better

Disclosure: Many thanks to Smart Bulb and Double Good Media for sponsoring this post. 

Bedtime in our home is often tense. Terrence and I are tired from a full day of work, Ayva is exhausted from being an energetic preschooler all day, but of the three of us, guess who doesn’t want to go to bed? Yup, like most 4 year olds, Ayva has excuse after excuse tons of reasons why she needs to get out of the bed and come into the living room. Over the last couple of months, getting her to stay in the bedroom has been more challenging, so we’ve instituted a new policy. After we tuck her in the bed, she lays down, and if she stays in bed, one of us will go in and read a bedtime story. It’s been working out really well, and it’s nice to spend a few calm moments with Ayva before she goes to sleep.

It took us awhile to figure out what works for our family, but now we finally have a system that benefits us all. We don’t have to holler, Ayva doesn’t have to have a tantrum, and our relaxing evenings can be just that…relaxing evenings! Here are a few tips for things to keep on hand to help you get your little one to bed easier:

1. Appropriate bedtime stories

Make sure the books that you have aren’t going to excite your kid too much. Last night, I read Ayva a book about a little snowflake that eventually became the twinkle in a snowman’s eye. Sweet books lead to sweet dreams, adventurous books can lead to lots of questions and a delayed bedtime. Save those for daylight!

2. Water

Now, if your child is bedwetting, you may want to skip this, but if not, having a small cup of water on the nightstand can be a lifesaver. Ayva tries to come up with anything to get out of the bed, and “I’m thirsty” used to be one of her favorite stall tactics. Now, she can be as thirsty as she wants without leaving the bedroom.

3. Night light

Some kids are really good about going to sleep in the dark. Ayva is not, so we keep the bedroom light on until she falls asleep. I was recently introduced to the Good Night Dimmer Smart Bulb that turns any light into a nightlight. Just plug it into your lamp for normal light  while you’re reading the bedtime story. Once the story is over, you can turn the lamp socket knob, and the light will become night light level until it’s turned off. So neat!

4. Comfy pajamas

Ayva is a wild sleeper, so I need to make sure the pajamas that I buy for her won’t get in the way of her sleep. Pajamas that are too big can get tangled up (not to mention they’re dangerous in a fire or some other unfortunate event), and if they’re too small, they can squeeze your little one’s arms and legs making it tough for them to get comfortable. Find soft, cotton pajamas that fit your child just perfectly to make going to sleep easier.

5. Good sheets

As adults, we know the benefit of having good sheets, but most kids don’t care. As long as it has their favorite cartoon character on it, they’re content. The thing is, there’s a reason higher thread count bedding sets cost more money…because there’s definitely a difference when it’s time to go to sleep. Just like with the jammies, make sure your little one’s sheets are made out of soft, breathable material that won’t get them all sweaty, or make a lot of noise as they’re trying to sleep.

Smart Bulb

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What’s your bedtime ritual? Do you read a story to your little ones? Do they sleep with the lights on? Are you exhausted at night as I am? Leave a comment and let’s talk sweet dreams!

Arelis Cintron

Monday 25th of November 2013

I think that #4 & #5 are things we forget about for our kids. We know that we address it for ourselves because we know what great pjs and comfy sheets can do for us, but our children might not be able to vocalize that yet. You don't know what you're missing until you've tried it. But what a difference this list can make! ... you know i'm pinning this lol


Sunday 24th of November 2013

My child is 13 and these things STILL help! We had a ritual of a story, something I made up and just told her. She talks about them sometimes (when she's not too busy being a teen!)

Janeane Davis

Sunday 24th of November 2013

The bedtime ritual at our house is some version of an "I Love You Story" followed by prayers. I normally let the girls fall asleep watching a short video on their Kindle tablet that I take after 20 minutes.


Sunday 24th of November 2013

This is a great list!

Sarah Mock

Thursday 21st of November 2013

I love the idea of a dimming bulb! That is awesome. We leave the door cracked a bit and the hall light on. By the time we adults go to sleep all the kids are asleep and we can turn the hall light off.