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Gone Fishing: Taking the Time to Turn Off

eliminating time sucks

Every couple of months or so, after a period of feeling like I have everything under control, things kind of start to fall apart. It’s like I’m swimming in the ocean, and all is well. Then comes a little fish. That’s not a problem, though, I can just swim around it. Then comes another, and then two, then three, and all of a sudden, I’m surrounded by fish and it’s not so easy to just swim around them. Every way I turn, I’m running into these darn fish! When I finally do get around the fish, and finish swimming to my destination, all of that maneuvering and dodging has me flat out exhausted.

Does that make sense?

So, what are the fish in my life right now? Well, there are lots of little commitments that I’ve accepted,   work, church, personal and professional relationships, and as much as I hate to admit it, social media. Trying to balance all of those things with my number one priority, being a Mom, is proving to be quite a challenge lately. Of course, when my parenting starts to suffer (and my health, too, actually), it’s time to regroup and put a different plan in place.

It’s humbling to admit (yet again) that I can’t do everything. Humbling, but freeing. It frees me from being a slave to my ego, and it frees up my time to do things that are important…like having a tea party with Ayva, or snuggling up and watching movies with my family. I feel like it’s time for us to all go fishing. Not literally, of course, but figuratively. Ayva, Terrence and I need to all just take a break together.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, and like you might need a break, here are some of the things that I’m going to be doing to eliminate some of the “fish” in my life:

  • Scale back on social media – I work online, so I need to be on a lot, but by late afternoon/early evening, I’m signing off.
  • More planning – From meal plans to blog posts to errands and other tasks, taking a little time to plan ahead will save me time in the long run.
  • Watch less television – Since we moved in with Terrence, I’ve been watching TONS of T.V. It has a lot to do with his televisions being so much bigger than mine were in Philly, but that’s no excuse. It has to go.
  • Stay organized – Searching around for things takes up so much time. If I keep my things organized, I can keep my sanity!
  • Eat good food and get good sleep – When I’m tired and sluggish, I make bad decisions.
  • Just say no – I can’t take anything else on at this time. The answer is no. Simply.

What do you do when you feel like your ocean is getting too crowded (yes, I’m reaching with this metaphor. Just humor me, y’all)? Seriously, I would love any tips that you have!


Friday 10th of April 2015

I would love some tips too! The ones you gave are great. I never really felt crowded until recently but it's becoming too much, all at once. I need to scale back on many of the things you mentioned to make time for the things that are important.


Saturday 11th of April 2015

YES! I just had this talk with Terrence tonight (AGAIN). Things are changing in my schedule. I have to do better.

melissa weintraub

Wednesday 13th of March 2013

Great tips! I try my hardest to de-plug at night! If I stay on the computer, I ultimately can't sleep. I learned my lesson the hard way after many nights of no sleep and staring at a useless screen. Love your new header:)

Mallery Schuplin

Tuesday 12th of March 2013

I've started going to the library on the weekend to get kid free work in and to save my sanity. It's nice to 'go to work' for a change!


Tuesday 12th of March 2013

Uh-oh. Looks like I should revive the Un-meme again, lol. I am constantly dealing with feeling the point where I get sick of it, tired of telling people the same thing when they asked me how I was. I accept that my plate is just full. Most of it is my own doing, know what I mean? Choosing to homeschool, work from and away from home, work at all odd hours, accepting and still looking for jobs that may bring better opportunities for my's A LOT. And now looking for a house to move. I need constant reminders that I'm more than just busy. I'm happy. I'm grateful. I'm blessed. I find these reminders in my friends, my children, husband, inspirational quotes, a run in the woods...latest quote that's helped me "You can do anything, but you can't do everything." Makes sense. I could go on and on...thank you for writing this and sharing your tips.