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Give a More Meaningful Present with SparkGift

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If we never bought Ayva another present, she’d probably be set for the rest of her childhood. Every holiday, every birthday, we shower our little girl with gifts to demonstrate how much we love her. She’s well behaved, and totally deserves it. You know, the older she gets, though, the more we’ve been thinking about how to give her presents that will last longer and mean more than just a few hours of play. When we heard about SparkGift, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for.

SparkGift allows you to purchase stock gift certificates for friends, family, and even yourself. It’s an incredibly low-key way to get into investing and introduce kids to the idea of creating a financial foundation. Sure, we talk about saving and donating money to others, but investing takes money education to the next level, and SparkGift makes it easy.

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Just how easy is it? Well, I was able to purchase Ayva $25 worth of Disney stock in about 3 minutes from my phone. Oh yeah, SparkGift has Disney stock for purchase! They also have Apple, Google, Tesla, and a few Vanguard funds to chose from. I picked Disney because it’s a brand we love, and I knew it’d be fun for Ayva to learn about and watch her investment grow. After I paid for the investment (which included a TINY fee), an email was sent with the certificate.

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Since the gift certificate is for my child, I received the email. If you’re buying the stock for a child, it’ll go to a custodial account, and you’ll need to email the certificate to their parent. They’ll receive an email which will guide them through setting up an account. It’s so simple, and I was walked through the process step-by-step. I printed out the gift certificate and will put it in a box with a Mickey Mouse doll to give to Ayva on Christmas.

Create a SparkGift Gift Registry

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If you want to spread the idea of a more meaningful present for your kids to your entire family, consider creating a SparkGift gift registry. You’ll be able to select the accounts you’d like to invest in, and get a personalized link that you can send to loved ones to make it easy for them to give the gift that keeps giving.

Kids love toys, and I absolutely believe they should have and need them. They also need financial education and as parents, it’s our job to educate them. Make learning about investing fun and affordable for both of you with SparkGift. Happy Holidays!


Saturday 28th of November 2015

Love it. We will do this.

Sharelle D. Lowery

Wednesday 25th of November 2015

This is such a wonderful idea! So many gifts are given to children that they quickly forget (adults too), but how fabulous that you can give a gift that keeps giving!! $$$ college is coming!! Thank you for sharing this, I'm going to open an account for my Niece!