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‘Fuller House’ is As Hilarious Now As It Was Back In The Day


with the cast of fuller house

Growing up, I wasn’t really into cartoons after about age 7. I much preferred sitcoms and light family dramas. Shows like Full House just appealed to my adolescent senses much better. I could relate to so many of the situations DJ Tanner got into. Like her, I was an older sister and knew what it was like to have to share attention with a cute younger sister. DJ (and her best friend Kimmy Gibbler) were my people. 

Years later, thanks to Netflix, I’m able to connect with my people once again, and my how we have all grown! Fuller House, the Full House reboot features a grown-up Tanner clan. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered where my favorite television show characters ended up. I’m not talking about the actors, either. I’m talking about the characters. Weird, right? I used to think so until I had a chance to take a sneak peek at Fuller House and I’ve come to the conclusion that every single one of my favorite shows needs to give us a chance to see the characters as adults. The show is THAT GOOD.


I’ll be honest with you. I was excited to see the show, but it’s a sitcom. I was expecting nice, lighthearted episodes without a lot of substance, and that’s not what I got at all. The show is funny, y’all! DJ Tanner (now Fuller), Stephanie and Kimmy make sex jokes, have boobs (and know how to use them), and there is so much fun innuendo that I had genuine laugh out loud moments during every episode that I previewed.

fuller house cast and crew

The best part? I got to talk to Jodie Sweetin, Candice Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber in person about their experience with returning to their t.v. childhood and working together again. Last month, I was invited by Netflix to attend the Television Critics Association (TCA) Press Tour with some of my #StreamTeam friends. We had a chance to get an insider’s look at new shows that were coming out, and sit down with the cast and creator of Full House. All of the women were incredibly lovely and sweet! They talked to us about how they’d remained friends even after the show ended. I totally believe it because their genuine chemistry was apparent in Fuller House. I brought up the adult humor that went over my 6-year-old’s head but had Terrence and me rolling. I don’t remember that from Full House, but apparently it was there all along, we were just too young to get it!

Candice Cameron Bure talked about how grateful she was for the opportunity to be back in the Full House home, and to have another chance to take the ride with her friends again. I was really moved by the gratitude and appreciation all of the women had for the show and their roles, and it all came through on the screen. Ayva loved it, Terrence and I love it, and you’ll love it, too!

Get ready to binge on Fuller House starting Friday, February 26th on Netflix.  

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Disclosure: I was invited to TCA as a guest of Netflix. As a member of the #StreamTeam I receive promotional products for participation.


Joyce Brewer (@MommyTalkShow)

Tuesday 1st of March 2016

Even my 80 year old Mother got Netflix so she could see Fuller House. I'm delighted to see how the casts careers have been revived too.