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Free Period Tracker Printable

free period tracker printable

It took me a long time to realize how important understanding my menstrual cycle was to my overall health.

I wanted to make sure my daughter had that information sooner than I did, so beyond teaching her how to track her period, I also educate her on how it might affect how she feels mentally and physically. 

Being intentional about tracking my period was a health game-changer for me, and I know it will be for my daughter, too.

I created a period tracker journal for myself and my girl, which has been so helpful. 

You can download the journal as a free printable below, or click to order a (super cute!) physical copy mailed from Amazon for less than seven bucks. 

Why should I track my period?

There are several good reasons for tracking your period:

  • You can know when your period is scheduled to start so you can be prepared with period supplies.
  • Recording your symptoms can help you prevent being uncomfortable.
  • You’re able to be intentional about taking care of yourself during your cycle. 
  • You’ll be able to keep track of your moods and how you feel to see if there are any trends.

How do I track my period?

It might seem like tracking your period is difficult, but it isn’t once you find a way to manage it that works for you.

Some people use a period tracking app to know when to expect their cycle, while others prefer to use a period tracking book or journal. 

The average menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days, and bleeding typically lasts 2 – 7 days.

Now, notice I said “average” and “typical”. That means that your cycle might look different than this, but it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you.

Your first day of bleeding is the first day of your cycle. Count the number of days from your first day of bleeding until the next time you start bleeding again to know how many days are in your cycle.

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What’s in the free period tracker?

This period tracker is a journal that allows you to keep up with more than just your menstrual cycle. This free period tracker includes:

  • A period flow tracking chart
  • Symptom tracker
  • Perpetual mood tracker
  • Period week journal pages
  • Free-write journal pages

period tracker printable pages

Download the free printable period tracker as a PDF

You can download this simple period tracker right now as a PDF. 

101 black and white pages are included, and a color cover that you can print out, too.

Click to download the journal for free, or if you’d prefer a physical copy with an adorable cover, get it on Amazon for less than six bucks.