Fashionably Discrete

Regardless of your fashion sense, you can always be discrete with o.b.®! See how in this #OBelievers post as part of an sponsored series for Socialstars™.
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Over the years, I’ve gone through tons of different phases in my fashion life. One year I was all about clogs. The next year it was tube tops and miniskirts. I’m currently in the maxi dress, flowing scarves, and gold jewelry phase. In the past, regardless of which phase I was in, whenever my cycle would start up, all sense of style would go out the window, and it’d be sweatshirts and tank tops for a week.

That’s no way for a fashion forward sista to live!

The biggest issue I had was that sanitary products were so bulky, you know? There’s no way I can feel comfortable in a form fitting bodycon dress (in my twenties), or a sarong (early thirties phase) if I have to have what feels like a stack of cotton notebooks in my undies. Ain’t nothing discrete about that! Also, accidents. A cycle accident doesn’t fit in with any outfit I could ever put together.

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So what’s a girl to do? Well, I tried a lot of different products. My challenge was finding a tampon that didn’t leak, and that didn’t cause discomfort in my nether regions. Also, and this is totally shallow, I know, but in my search, I was looking for a tampon that didn’t let EVERYBODY know that I was on every single time I was on. Regardless of which fashion phase I’m in, it always requires a big old purse or tote bag. If I have to take it with me to the restroom whenever I go, everyone is all up in my business, and it’s just annoying.

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Fortunately o.b.® Tampons are tiny and discrete and can fit in my hand. I was worried that they wouldn’t do the job because they are so compact, but there are Fluid Lock® grooves that lock in leak protection, and they fit expand all around to fit a woman’s body, no matter what shape she is. I like that. A lot.

It’s nice not to have to worry about accidents, regardless of what I’m wearing. Now if I could just find a way to bring unshaved legs trendy, maybe I’d go back to the miniskirt phase again. Ha!

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