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Family Movies For Family Memories

family movie night

Summer is all about the outdoors for our family. From walks around the lake, to dinner on the balcony, our family is committed to soaking up every single bit of sunshine that the day offers. Once the sun sets, and we finally head inside, Terrence, Ayva and I snuggle up on the couch for family movie nights. “Movie Night” in the Riley household is a loose term. Some nights we watch an actual film, and other times it’s an episode of one of our favorite shows. There really isn’t any rhyme and reason for what we watch. We just go with what we’re feeling at the moment. Well, that and how much time have left before bedtime!

Our summertime family movie nights, and the time that we spend together, are an incredibly important part of our family. It might not seem like it at the time, but the moments that we spend just being together, watching movies and laughing are planting seeds that will blossom in the future. My hope is that Ayva will look back on these summertime nights and know that not only do her parents love her, but that we actually enjoy spending time with her. Seriously, her raucous laughter during Puss In Boots, and watching her dance and twirl around the room when we watch High School Musical.

Netflix is as important to our family movie nights as popcorn. The variety of family friendly movies and shows ensure we never have to worry about whether or not we can find something we all will love. Want to have your own movie night? Check out some of the family-themed movies streaming on Netflix now.

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For your little kids:

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For your big kids:

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And for teens and adults:

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New on Netflix for Kids and Families

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Puss in Boots
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