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Every Day is Special With Young Children!

As a parent, I absolutely want the best for my daughter. I want her to be in the best preschool, have the best toys, the best books, the best everything.  I have worked full-time and part-time since before she was born to make sure I am able to provide for her.  I plan special events for us to participate in together, and more than anything, work hard to make sure she feels special and loved.

All of those things are great, and her smiles and hugs lets me know she appreciates everything that I do for her.  The interesting thing that I have learned though, is I get those same smiles and hugs for the little things as I do the big things!  If I do a silly dance or make up a song that makes her laugh, she will throw her little arms around my neck and tell me how much she loves me.  If I make popcorn and bring her a bowl when she’s not expecting it, she will squeal with delight and bounce around the room just as pleased as can be.

You see, the thing about children is that they don’t have a concept of how much things cost, or how much energy it takes to do something.  All they know is you are doing something nice for them.  It can be a huge gesture or small, as long as you do it graciously, they are happy.

So, parents, put away your credit cards and clear your schedule. The most precious thing that you can give your child doesn’t cost a thing.  Every day is special to your little one…as long as you are there to share it with them!