Even Multitasking Mamas Are Doin’ Good

I’m partnering with Minute Maid to share inspiring stories of mamas doin’ good in a series of sponsored posts! 

mom on computer 1

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic in our family. I’ve been away from home for 8 days on business trips. I can count on one hand the times that I’ve cooked. I forgot that Friday was free dress day and Ayva went to school in her uniform on the one day of the month that she’s allowed to wear anything that she wants. Add that to dozens of deadlines, a crazy work schedule, and you have the recipe for tons of mom guilt.

You know what, though? It’s all good. Ayva and Terrence may have had sandwiches or cereal for dinner a couple of days, but they were fed. Ayva wasn’t able to show off her cute outfit at school, but her uniform was clean and she was clothed. Sure I was out of town for a few days, but I brought home presents and everyone was happy. On top of all of that, my multitasking skills are on point. Type with one hand and snuggle with the other? Oh, I’ve got that down! The way that I mom may not be perfect, but I’m still #doingood.

mom on computer 2

And guess what, Mama? You’re #doingood, too. This Mother’s Day, allow yourself to accept the compliments. Read the cards your family gives you and nod your head because yes, you are the best mom in the world, and you do make the world a better place. Head over to Minute Maid’s Good Minute blog to read my post about how even if you’re a working mom, or you can’t be around for every occasion, you’re still a darn good Mama. Then spread the love. Tell someone else that they’re rocking motherhood. Call another mom and tell her, send an email, or tag her on social media using the #doingood hashtag.