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It’s the Holidays, and You’re #DoinGood

I’m partnering with Minute Maid to share inspiring stories of parents doin’ good in a series of sponsored posts!


The holiday season is supposed to be fun, you know? From the twinkling lights everywhere to the festive decorations and Christmas music, everything about the end of the year invites you to celebrate and have a good time. Why then, are so many moms stressed out? 

Did I remember to hide the elf?

Are there enough cookies?

What if I can’t find that present they want?

This holiday season, I’m taking a break from it all. Instead of stressing out about the things that aren’t that important, I’m focusing on all of the things that are.

Spending time with family.

Getting some much needed rest.

Reflecting on the blessings of the past year.

Guess what? Regardless if you are able to purchase that hard to find gift or not, you’re still doing good. If the elf stays in the same spot for the next 25 days, you’re still doing good. If you can’t make it to every holiday themed event or party, you’re still doing good. This holiday season, Mamas, give yourself some grace. Look at how awesome your children are and pat yourself on the back. You did that. All year long, you supported, encouraged, and loved on those littles. You deserve the chance to bask in the holiday season and enjoy the fruits of your (loving) labor.


Take a look at my post on Minute Maid’s Good Minute blog for more encouragement for the holidays, and don’t forget to spread the love and let another parent know they’re #doingood, too!