You’re Doin’ Good This Summer, Mama

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No time of the year is more ripe for mom guilt than the summer. With the kids out of school, and lots more time together, it can seem like you just can’t get it right. If you sign your kid up for camp, all of the other parents have taken their children on awesome vacations. Take your kiddo out of town, and all of their friends are having cool adventures at summer camp. No matter what you do, someone is always doing something better, right? Nope. You’re doin’ good this summer, Mama.

Where did all of this summer anxiety come from? Our moms used to send us outside without any agenda at all, and we were fine! We had fun! We ran around the neighborhood playing games and trying to stay out of trouble from sunup to sundown. Every once in awhile, someone’s mom would come outside with a surprise like homemade popsicles, but other than that we were on our own. And we turned out just fine.

doingood summer

The mothers that we grew up with were #doingood, and so are we. We’re parenting the best way that we know how, and that’s exactly enough. As you think of fun activities to do with your kids this summer, head off on vacation, or just hang out enjoying the long summer days, remind yourself that you’re #doingood. Send that message to your friends who are parents, too. It doesn’t take anything fancy  to create memories with your children, it just takes quality time.

Check out my post on  Minute Maid’s Good Minute blog about we can learn about #doingood from our old-school mamas. Use the #doingood hashtag on social media to cheer another mom on this summer. Then, click through the #doingood gallery to be encouraged by other parents. Happy Summer, Mamas!

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