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What are your kids doing this summer? Out here in the Bay Area, camps are cancelled because of the pandemic and everything has gone virtual.

My 11-year-old daughter thinks that means she’s going to be on Roblox all day, every day.

She’s wrong.

Listen, I get it. I really do. I remember being her age and not wanting to do anything but play Nintendo.

That was before we had screens in every room, though, so at some point I had to stop.

My daughter and this generation? They could go on and on if we let them.

I found a solution that will make my girl happy and appease my desire for her to stretch her brain over the summer.

DigiPen Academy offers online summer programs for kids in elementary, middle, and high school. There are over 40 courses that students can access wherever they are.

Depending on how your child likes to learn, or what subject they’re into at the moment, there are quite a few options of workshops, studio classes, and masterclasses to engage them.

I found an online summer program my daughter is excited about

I was excited to discover a class that was all about building worlds on Roblox. She’s been plotting them out on paper, but was pumped to learn that there was actually a class that would show her how to make one for real!

Another thing that stood out to me about DigiPen Academy classes is that all course materials are provided. There are quite a few scheduling options, which is great because I have a whole summer roster planned out for Ayva!

DigiPen’s list of courses include:

    • Art Explorer Club (1.5 hours/day for one week) – Guided activities for students ages 6-8 years old. Offerings include: Art Around the World, Exploring Art Fundamentals
    • Workshops (2-3 hours/day for two weeks) – Explore “STEAM”-based topics. Offerings include: Junior Digital Game Studio, Junior Programming Fundamentals, Junior Art Fundamentals, Junior art of Manga, Junior 2D Digital Animation
    • Studios (3 hours/day for two weeks) – Individualized art and programming project based learning for those students with prior experience and skills.
    • Masterclasses (3 hours/day for two weeks) – Featuring teachers with extensive industry experience
    • Pre-College (6 hours/day for four weeks) – Experience the college side of DigiPen with faculty level instructors. Students will receive a transcript and be eligible for tuition credit to DigiPen Institute of Technology.
  • Classes are all taught live by skilled instructors who take a student-centered approach to their teaching.
  • For a full listing of summer programs or to register, please visit

Want to try Digipen Academy?

DigiPen Academy 2020 Online Spring Programs

Don’t want to wait until summer to take an online class with DigiPen? Register for a class in one of the two remaining “spring session” workshops for students ages 8-18. They have one more  Spring Session with morning and afternoon options starting June 8th.

DigiPen Academy Program Information Sessions:

  • For families who need advice on what program to sign your student up for, or who have questions about how the programs are taught online, DigiPen hosts a live weekly information session for parents. To register, please visit

So, what are your kids doing this summer? Want to try out DigiPen Academy’s online summer programs? Save $25 when you use the discount code BDC25. This code expires on July 3, 2020.

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