Back To Middle School With Dick’s Sporting Goods

Back to school might look different, but Dick’s Sporting Goods can help you adapt. Find out how in this sponsored post!

Dick's Sporting Goods Back To School
Nothing about going back to school this year is going to be normal for our family.

It’s the first year of middle school for my daughter, and like every other family in the United States, we are doing things a little differently. 

Instead of getting her all dressed up for the first day, my husband, son and I dropping her off and hanging out on the blacktop with the other parents talking about summer and taking pictures, we’re going virtual.

Yup, that’s right. The first day of the first year of middle school is happening over a video call, and oh man, who would have ever thought we would have been in this place?

Even with everything going on, we’re doing our best to make back-to-school feel as normal as possible. Yes, that means  shopping for new school clothes. And guess what? Dick’s Sporting Goods ended up having everything my girl wanted!

Dick's Sporting Goods Back To School

Back To School Shopping Looks Different This Year

It wouldn’t be 2020 if back to school shopping was normal, right? With everyone needing to take extra precautions, we’ve been doing a lot of our shopping online as well as taking advantage of different ways to get the clothes we need. 

At Dick’s Sporting Goods, there are several different options for shopping:

  • Shopping In-Store – We were able to do a little shopping inside of our local store. Everyone wore masks, social distancing was practiced, and store employees were incredibly helpful.
  • Contactless Curbside Pickup – In addition to shopping in store, we also ordered a few things online to pick up at the store. Once we arrived, we tapped the “START CHECK IN” button, unlocked the trunk of our car, and a store employee put our order right in the back. There’s no fee for this service!
  • Shipping Straight To Your Home – This is the typical delivery option, and Dick’s has a lot of shipping options to get your order faster if you don’t want to wait.

Your Day One Starts Here (At Dick’s Sporting goods!)

Interestingly, Ayva goes to a private school and usually wears uniforms every day. The first week of school is typically free dress, though, and so the first day of school outfit is super important. I can imagine that making day one feel special for their kid is a goal for every parent. Especially now. 

Even though school is starting out virtually this year, her day one ‘fit still matters to my middle schooler. Her style has changed a lot. Now she’s into a more sporty, casual look, and Dick’s Sporting Goods had everything she liked. 

We picked up her first pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, which I remember wearing myself in high school. She also selected a head to toe Nike outfit including stretch pants and the cutest hoodie. 

Dick’s also had backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles (yes, they have the Hydro Flask!), and even masks. 

As a sign of the times, we picked up a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer on the way out of the store.

Dick's Sporting Goods Back To School

Dick's Sporting Goods Back To School

Dick's Sporting Goods Back To School

The school year can be awesome

I’ve made the decision to do everything I can to make this first year of middle school awesome for Ayva. So what it’s not an ideal situation? We can take advantages of the perks of this unique school year.

She can work wherever she wants, and wear whatever she likes. From Monday – Thursday, her school still requires a uniform shirt, but she can wear any bottoms of her choice. That’s a win, especially with these comfy Champion sweats.

Of course, during the weekends and once school is over for the day, she can pop on the matching Champion cropped logo shirt

It’s going to be little things, Mamas, that help our kids make it though, and enjoy, the year. Let’s let them have it.

Dick's Sporting Goods Back To School

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