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Delight the Kids with a Christmas Snack and Snoopy!

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I haven’t always been a big Christmas person. Every since I had Ayva and started to experience the holiday season through her eyes, it’s become my favorite holiday. The thing that I love the most is her reaction to everything that’s going on this time of the year. I’m not talking about the presents or the toys or anything like that. Ayva gets excited about the lights, the caroling, and the entire atmosphere and mood of Christmas. Her look of amazement or gasps of delight make me eager to surprise her whenever I can.

As I was ordering Snoopy’s Cookie Jar from Teleflora last week, I couldn’t stop smiling just thinking about how she would react when she walked in the door and saw the flowers sitting on the counter. I wasn’t disappointed, either. I mean, even I nearly lost it when the flowers were delivered because the arrangement is so darn pretty! I knew Ayva would get a huge kick out of it, and it made me feel good to know how happy she would be. Ayva loves the Peanuts, especially Snoopy, and she couldn’t believe that this adorable cookie jar was for her!

Children are so easy to please, and especially around the holidays there are so many opportunities to make special moments for them. Whether it’s a cookie jar with their favorite character on it, or a simple treat of yogurt made special with gingerbread man cookies and Christmas sprinkles, keep your eyes open for ways to add sweet memories to your little one’s childhood.  Create traditions, follow rituals, and experience the holidays with the same wonder as your sweet kiddo.  Merry Christmas, Friends!



gingerbread cookie and yogurt

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