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Declutter Your Hygiene Routine

Declutter your hygiene routine. Read more in this post sponsored by LISTERINE® and Socialstars. #LISTERINE #BringOutTheBold 


Over the last few weeks, a lot has changed in our home. With our family expecting a new baby, we’re all about making our living space more functional, beautiful, and less stuffed with things. Oh yeah. Mama is nesting, and she’s nesting HARD. Everything from the master bedroom to the bathroom and beyond are getting a major overhaul, and I’m not taking any prisoners. Even our medicine cabinet, hygiene and beauty supplies are up for scrutiny. This is a big, bold cleanup!  

There’s a method to my madness, though. Even though I want to GET RID OF ALL THE THINGS, I don’t want to be wasteful, or throw away something that our family actually needs. I gave myself a rule. If we haven’t used something in the last 3 months, no matter how expensive it is, it has to go. You wouldn’t believe how many shampoo bottles, lotions, and other things that looked cool in the store, but I never got around to using them, I had to give away.

As I began, there were dozens upon dozens of items that I found that were either brand new, or used only once. It was ridiculous. I started to put the good stuff aside that I knew my mom and mother-in-law would like. I packed a care box to send to my mom, and put my mother-in-law’s goodies in a bag to take to her house. I tossed things that were no good and put the rest of the items in another bag to donate. The process actually wasn’t that bad!

What I discovered, though, is that at this point in my life I have some real brand affinity. I know what works, I know what I like, and there’s no point in me trying out a bunch of different choices, particularly for my staple items. Take the mouthwash we use, for example. We have always used LISTERINE®, both my husband and I. Why have a no-name brand taking up space in our cabinet if I know I’m never going to use it? Instead, I made the vow to stick with what I know and love.

Now, sometimes the things I love might switch it up on me. Right now, the limited edition LISTERINE® Deco Bottles are available at a Target store near me (and you!). They’re bright, bold, and fun, and make you feel like you’re doing something different without having to sacrifice the awesome LISTERINE® you know and love. You know what’s even better? If you purchase any qualifying 3 LISTERINE® oral care products, you’ll receive a $5 gift card to Target.

It’s time to Bring Out the Bold™, switch things up, and get rid of the things that are just cluttering up your bathroom. Will you be a bold bathroom declutterer like me?


Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Great article! My decluttering tip of the day is to buy a buy a large notebook and divide your page into two columns – “Essential” and “Non-Essential Items”. Then go around the room and put every single item in one column or another. When you have finished your “hit-list”, move the offending items (from the non-essential section) to a designated collection point to get your room "clutter-free"!!!